Huntsman Campaign On Trump Debate – “lol, no thanks, getting the popcorn ready”

One often has to wonder what goes through the head of Jon Huntsman. This was the guy the media dubbed as the only Republican who could beat Obama, and that Team Obama was scared to death of him running. A supposedly strong Conservative who went to work for the Obama administration. He announces his campaign in Reaganesque fashion, then states he won’t attack Obama – you know, the guy the GOP is trying to replace. He says he is going to woo independents – during a primary. Seriously? Then we get this from his campaign

Tim Miller, a spokesman for Jon Huntsman’s presidential campaign, had this response when asked if his candidate would participate in the Dec. 27 Newsmax debate moderated by Donald Trump:

“Lol. We look forward to watching Mitt and Newt suck-up to The Donald with a big bowl of popcorn,” he said in an email to Business Insider.

Is this the kind of message a professional campaign sends out? Of course, I personally do not think that this will harm him any, as a) Conservatives did not really fall for The Donald’s presidential aspirations, and b) Jon Huntsman? Who Dat?

Deciding to sit-out the debate may help Huntsman with his message that he is the only adult in the GOP field. Another reason is more practical — Huntsman is wagering everything on New Hampshire, and leaving the state for even a day to debate in Iowa detracts from time he can spend wooing Granite State voters.

New Hampshire is make or break for Huntsman, who probably should have dropped out months ago, but, he has surged a bit in N.H. as of late.

I’ve been wondering about Huntsman, and what he really stands for. What are his pro’s and con’s. Most Conservatives immediately dismiss him as a viable candidate due to working for Obama as Ambassador to China. Let’s take a quick peek, shall we? (for more detailed analysis and quotes, visit here (which is liberal leaning) and here (Conservative leaning))


  • Pro-life (granted, some Conservatives just do not get involved in this debate)
  • Requires parental consent for an abortion except for rape, life threatening, or parents not guardians
  • Reduce personal and corporate taxes, and simplify them
  • Eliminate capital gains and dividend taxes (note: I do not think this is the best of ideas)
  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Very pro-2nd Amendment
  • Is for concealed carry for everyone
  • Is against people being forced to join unions, nor fund them, or, as he calls them, “private political organizations”
  • In favor of school vouchers
  • End all energy subsidies-oil, coal, natural gas, wind, solar, etc
  • Some actual private sector experience, including as a ranking executive
  • Eagle Scout
  • Good family man – no scandals, either


  • Big believer in Globull Warming, and may push AGW legislation
  • Wishy washy on illegal immigration (remember his “the border fence repulses him” comment?) – he has some good points, and some really, really bad points
  • Worked for Obama
  • Panders to the Occupy crowd: He “wants to be president of the 99%”
  • Whines about treating Islamist terrorists harshly – waterboarding, loud music, tickling

Can go either way

  • Isn’t necessarily for gay marriage, but, is for civil unions and partner benefits (I’ve written before that this is my position. Some agree, some don’t)
  • For a Balanced Budget Amendment – this is a middle issue because not all Conservatives agree with the need nor whether it would actually work
  • Is for states having “right to work” but not against unions

So, there’s Huntsman in a nutshell. His biggest problem off the bat is that he worked for Obama. Then we have his climate change hoax support (I do not care if someone believes, but, I do care if they want to change my behavior by government decree). Worked for Obama. He just doesn’t come off as that personable, either. But, he really isn’t as bad as we might think. He’s probably more Conservative than Newt and Romney, is less big government than Romney and Perry, doesn’t make the big gaffes, and, think about this, does have a lot of experience in foreign commerce/trade, especially with the country that owns a huge chunk of American debt, China.

Another big problem, as I’ve mentioned, is his wooing of independents during a primary season. They aren’t the ones coming out to vote right now. Also, his failure to go after Obama. If he wants to win, he needs to stop being the “adult in the GOP room”, as the article stated. Politics is a nasty business. He has some fantastic ideas and policies, but, no one will pay attention if he won’t play the political game.

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4 Responses to “Huntsman Campaign On Trump Debate – “lol, no thanks, getting the popcorn ready””

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  2. Adobe Walls says:

    Huntsman is a “Climate Zionist” nuff said.

    One can only hope that Trump realizes that his role in this debate along with Newsmax is an opportunity for him to demonstrate he’s ready to play a serious role in this political season. All he need do is refrain from allowing this debate to turn into a circus. If this debate degenerates into a celebration of the Donald it will permanently establish him to be a clown prince and could seriously damage the other candidates. If he understands that this isn’t about him or his views, that his role as moderator is to referee among candidates rather than spout off about how China is screwing us or that we should have taken Iraq’s oil before we left (not a bad idea but too late) then this debate could be a good step for all concerned.

  3. True on all accounts. Working for Obama as ambassador I can get by. His views on climate change make me nuts.

  4. Word says:

    Bush was a neocon. Reagan essentially started the neocon movement..IE…bigger government despite claiming they were going to limit government.

    Bush increased the military, the size and scope of government and he did the no child left behind as well as trying to pass the immigration bill which was going to fast track illegals into society.

    Newt is of the same mind…..So we have to ask ourselves do we want another neocon in the whitehouse…….that is basically what newt is.

    Not afraid of big government while continuing to claim that they want smaller government.

    Reagan started that trend…..its why our government is humongous right now……every politician going to DC all claims smaller government and then runs freakin amuck expanding it……

    Because their is a CRISIS…..that deems it.

    Michelle Bachman is the only candidate in my mind that would truly try to limit the size and scope of the government…the restof them are just paying lip service to the deed………

    Except of course Ron Paul which would return to pre George Washington Days if he had his chance.

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