Good News! Only One “Climate Scientist” Willing To Be Arrested For Beliefs

‘Memba back on the 17th when I mentioned that the climate alarmists would be in D.C. starting Saturday, and are preparing to be arrested? Yeah, about that

Climate scientist Jason Box says oil sands are a moral issue that he feels compelled to address at Keystone XL pipeline protests
…as of mid-week he’s evidently the only climate scientist who has registered to join about 2,000 other like-minded thinkers to line the fences surrounding the White House — where peaceful arrests are not uncommon for protesters of all stripes.

So, there’s only 1 so-called climate scientist who’s willing to take action? They are expecting James Hansen to show up and possibly be arrested….say, isn’t he funded by the government, and, doesn’t that violate any sort of employment code of conduct? Anyhow, Box is going to travel from Ohio to D.C. I sure hope he’s walking or riding a bike, instead of taking a fossil fueled car or plane.

BTW, the person these morons are aiming their protest at? He’s in Martha’s Vineyard, and won’t be back till near the end of the protest.

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2 Responses to “Good News! Only One “Climate Scientist” Willing To Be Arrested For Beliefs”

  1. captainfish says:

    Hmmm.. by the time I left this comment, the site said there had been 3 comments left previously. But, I see no one else here.

    This just proves how fast and how far their cult has fallen. While I also have some concerns over oil shale and fracking, during this hard economic high energy prices time… screw it. Drill the F*** out of the earth and get all the oil we can.

    But, seems to me, the easiest way to save money and help save the environment along the way … why not build refineries up along the Canadian border?!??! Maybe on one of the major Great Lake ports?

    We would double our refining capacity and increase the transport time as well from field to refinery. How about subsidizing the creation of jobs building refineries?!?!!?!? No one is talking about that. INstead of closing bases, open them up to refineries. You defeat NIMBY and can subsidize to your hearts content to boot.

    but…. i hear silence from both sides. not ideas.

  2. Unfortunately, most Republicans are too chicken shit and too cowed by the liberal media and RINOs to speak out forcefully

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