England Plans To Lower Tax Rate On Evil Rich…Wait, What?

Apparently, they’ve finally had enough of the liberal talking points and started looking at the cold hard mackerel of reality

David Cameron and George Osborne are plotting to slash the top rate of income tax to 45p in the pound as early as next March.

The Prime Minister and Chancellor want to make the change after seeing Treasury figures which show that the current 50p top rate will generate only marginal financial gains for the Government.

No 10 sources say cutting the top rate to 45p would cost the Chancellor, at most, £750million a year – paving the way for him to offer a tax cut in the next Budget.

It’ll be interesting when we get to about a year out, and we see their treasury actually gaining money.

But allies of Mr Osborne believe a cut in the 50p rate is necessary to encourage wealth generators to stay in Britain and create new jobs to kick-start growth in the economy.

Couple that with the removal of draconian restrictions and such on business, and England’s economy might rise again.

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One Response to “England Plans To Lower Tax Rate On Evil Rich…Wait, What?”

  1. david7134 says:

    I wonder if people will ever figure out that increasing taxes on one group will increase taxes on others? The cost is just passed along. I was watching Morning Joe and saw the blond bimbo going on about women buying expensive shoes. Exactly how is that anyone’s business? Does it mean that we shouldn’t but items unless checking with Obama? If you work hard, why can’t you do what you want with your money? Most of these elite have never seen a poor person. For that matter, they likely have never seen someone that works 24/7 and does everything possible to meet the demands of their family and watch a good part go to pay for other people who have never worked a day in their lives. To continue the rant, are we really living in a free society when we say one group must pay more than another? If this is acceptable, then why don’t we make special laws so that Matt Damon can pay more taxes himself, after all, he thinks that is ok for living in such a great country?

    I really think we are headed to a place that is very bad if reason does not return to our government.

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