Bummer: Nations Might Cease To Exist Due To Climate Change (Hoax)

This is exactly the type of hysteria one would expect from US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice

U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice lashed out at countries – unnamed – that were blocking progress.

She told the meeting that “dozens of countries … whose very existence is threatened” by climate change had asked the council to show its understanding of their plight.

“Instead, because of the refusal of a few to accept our responsibility, this council is saying, by its silence, in effect, ‘Tough luck.’ This is more than disappointing. It’s pathetic. It’s shortsighted, and frankly, it’s a dereliction of duty.”

Well, perhaps if more of the True Believers would practice what they preach, countries very existence wouldn’t be threatened.

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5 Responses to “Bummer: Nations Might Cease To Exist Due To Climate Change (Hoax)”

  1. mojo says:

    So – if Naurau (or however it’s spelled) actually did slip beneath the waves, would you care? Or even notice?

  2. Only if it tipped over. That might be amusing

  3. captainfish says:

    Dang.. forgot about that being a possibility. Wow, and with all those people and the new UN green helmets being there to stop trying to stop the growing tidal problem in that one area, that island just might tip over even though they were trying to do good!! Is GAIA stupid or what?

    I believe this woman is even more batty that Wasserman-Schultz-licker babe. She is also giving Sheila Jackson Lee a run for the most bat-shit crazy person.

    Glad she’s at the UN representing our good and noble nation.

  4. Well, I’m not sure if she’s battier, because, really, all liberals are 100% bat shit crazy, and can’t technically get higher than 100%. To quote Spaceballs, they operate at Ludicrous speed.

  5. Word says:

    One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the fact that these Environmental whackos never demand CHINA cut back….they do not protest in the streets of CHINA or demand a boycott of CHEAP Chinese goods.

    They do not rail against CHINA which is actually the main polluter who shows absolutely no signs of letting up as they have now passed the US as the number one emitter of CO2 and have long since been the worlds largest polluter.

    But its much easier to guilt the PROGRESSIVE NATIONS into paying up….then it is to GUILT the END RESULT OF PROGRESSIVISM………communist china….into paying up.

    Our march to communism is unabated.

    Kindergarten to graduation from College. Progressive Brainwashing. Political Correctness. Fascism with a left slant.

    NO remorse. You WILL do what we say, how we say and when we say and by GAWD their will be no political opposition to our agenda.


    and that is my fascist word of the day

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