Who Would’ve Thought Green Taxes Would Kill Business?

From the UK Telegraph by Andrew Gilligan, a peak at the future of Britain

In the film Billy Elliot, a boy strives to be a dancer against the backdrop of the miners’ strike. Now, the place where they filmed it is the focus of another defining industrial struggle, with hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake.

It’s not workers versus management this time: they’re on the same side. It is workers versus wind farms. The enemy is no longer hard, Thatcherite Right-wingers. It is well-intentioned, impeccably progressive environmentalists: the very people, no doubt, shaking “Coal not Dole” collection tins in north London, circa 1984. The battleground now is not coal. It is electricity.

Gilligan goes on to discuss the full effects of what the taxation on coal plants, power plants, businesses, and so on, thanks to the greenie weenies. Way to much to excerpt, you truly have to read the whole thing.

And, just to add a bit more, these well intentioned, impeccably progressive environmentalists will drive up prices, putting companies out of business, which means fewer people employed, and the tax money dries up in a viscous circle.

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2 Responses to “Who Would’ve Thought Green Taxes Would Kill Business?”

  1. captainfish says:

    Woh? Really?
    Since when does higher taxation drive down business? I dare you to point to a time. I dare ya!

    Heck, even The One is thinking of higher taxation to save America from its Depression due to low taxation economy.

  2. Yeah, it’s weird, eh? From what the leftards tell us, it’s the poor people who make economies grow by hiring people with gubmint money.

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