Powershift 2011 Climahysterics Love Giant Puppets….Wait, What?

So says Bonnie Frye Hemphill

Hey climate movement, you know what I missed about us that Power Shift pumped right back into me last week?

The awesome.

Yeah, flashmobs, pranks, swiftly organized warroom tweetups, late-night dance parties of 15,000. Remember that rebellious side of us, that “we won’t take the past for an answer” side of us? Remember that “join us because this is awesome and you’re invited” side of us?

We’re also proud to define ourselves as what we’re not: we are cooler than the fossil forces of the past. They rail on chalkboards; we rally with giant puppets in the streets. They are talking heads for septuagenarians; we are sneaking into shareholder meetings and embarrassing giant fossil fuel companies. They are snarking about crosshairs on Facebook from defensive compounds in Wasilla. We are 10,000 lithe young people fighting for our future while a crotchety old pitbull like Tom Donohue screams to get off of his front yard at the US Chamber of Commerce. We are in the West Wing interrupting the President of the United States of America to remind him that energy shouldn’t kill.

Wait, wasn’t interrupting the POTUS rude when Joe Wilson did it? Anyhow, read the whole article and “you know what I missed?” Yup, absolutely no mention of the climate morons pledging to live their lives to match their rhetoric. (Via Tom Nelson, who also catches the climate idiots from Power Shift driving 20 miles to protest….BP!)

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3 Responses to “Powershift 2011 Climahysterics Love Giant Puppets….Wait, What?”

  1. brs says:

    YOu have a lot of evidence that carbon released by people isn’t affecting the climate. Too bad none of it is scientific, but is all red herring nonsense about polls and that people who disagree with you are gay. Quite convincing.

    I don’t see you breaking down any papers, for some reason. Oh, that’s right – you can’t becasue you don’t know much about geophysics. Doesn’t stop you from having an opinion though – bravo.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Dear brs,

    Thank you for stopping by Pirate’s Cove and exhibiting your stupidity by making unsubstantiated accusations against the article you clearly did not or could not read.

    You usefulness in demonstrating your idiocy and lack of ability to actually discuss an issue is noted and appreciated.

  3. Alarmists are fun, GT, especially when they whine about evidence, then provide none.

    BRS, I rarely break down papers, because this issue is primarily political, not scientific. And, notice that the story I excerpted from didn’t have….science! Perhaps you should have read it before commenting first.

    But, thanks for stopping by!

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