On Earth Day, You Can Green Your Marijuana Habit

Why, yes, it is Earth Day today, though you’d barely notice it from the coverage by either the MSM nor the environmental websites. But, since you climate alarmists have hijacked the real environmental movement and incorporated an idiotic notion that a trace gas, CO2, something that is necessary for most life on Earth, and produced by nature in copious amounts that are much higher than mankind’s output, here’s how you stoner liberals can help, because, as I mentioned the other day, marijuana is bad for globull warming

Five ways to green your marijuana habit

1. California’s Organicann has started dispensing its medical marijuana in biodegradable packaging. (medical *wink wink* marijuana)

2. Lighting hipsters know that CFLs are for squares, and were only ever intended to be a bridge solution. If you’re serious about your indoor grow rig, it’s time you switched to super energy-efficient LEDs. (CFLs are no longer acceptable within the climate alarmism circles?)

3. Reuse > Recycling any day of the week. These pot containers are made from repurposed Altoids tins. (sorry to say, Altoids do not cover up the pot smell on your clothes. But, you can use a naturally made free trade hit towel to help!)

4. This house is literally made out of pot. And it’s not just a Cheech and Chong-style stunt: Hemp building advocates say that it provides protection against pests, fire, mildew, and errant CO2, while being less toxic than other, less smokable materials. (I’m sure every stoner is capable of affording one)

5. Weed miles matter just like food miles. So if you live in Texas, for example, it’s better to opt for the Mexican stuff than, say, B.C. White. (better yet, grow your own)

People ask me now and then why I stopped being a Warmist, because I used to be a Believer. There are several reasons

  • That the leaders failed to live the lives they told everyone else to live, and wanted to mandate by law.
  • These same leaders and groups were also making a ton of money, and didn’t seem to be using it to protect the environment.
  • The actual scientific evidence, which didn’t seem to match reality
  • The fact that the anthropogenic global warming movement was subsuming every real environmental issue under its banner
  • That they linked everything that happens to globull warming
  • They focused more on “spreading awareness” and advertising campaigns than actually doing something themselves

And the final one was that the Warmists seemed to be getting more and more bat shit crazy, and what they were saying made no sense in a rational, scientific world. And “greening” ones marijuana habit is bat shit crazy.

Investors Business Daily explains how you can Celebrate Earth Daze. What was once a good idea, to highlight the plight of real environmental issues, has now been taken over by the climate morons. Which is a damned shame.

Speaking of Earth Day, Doug Powers highlights how Dems treat the environment.

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2 Responses to “On Earth Day, You Can Green Your Marijuana Habit”

  1. Adobe Walls says:

    I wonder why Altoids hasn’t sued yet.

  2. I wonder if they realize that it takes a lot of energy to make the tins?

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