Snap! World’s First Carbon Neutral Bra!

Hmm, looks like uber-alarmist Louise Gray, who writes for the UK Telegraph, has now delved into the fashion industry

The Marks and Spencer (M&S) lingerie set, that will be available online, was made in an ‘eco factory’ in Sri Lanka where energy has been reduced a third through measures like making sure all lighting is from the sun or low energy light bulbs.

It is powered by hydroelectricity produced on a nearby river and solar panels on the roof.

The rest of the carbon dioxide produced in making the bra will be offset by planting 6,000 trees in the community every year. Most of the trees will be native to Sri Lanka, therefore boosting wildlife. A quarter will be fruit trees that can generate money for the local community.

Hmm. I wonder if they are using child labor in Sri Lanka, which is a major problem in that country? And hydroelectric? Displaces and kills off fish. And then there is the old “planting trees” thing. Sad, really.

You know what would be great for the people of Sri Lanka? Modern power, instead of moving them backwards in time as they “reconnect with nature.”

Funny part is that the company isn’t pushing these lingerie sets on their website.

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3 Responses to “Snap! World’s First Carbon Neutral Bra!”

  1. captainfish says:

    I bet you made this entire story up to post the pics……

    you evil capitalist, you!!

  2. david7134 says:

    I was in college in the 60’s and remember the women burning their bras. We, of course, helped in any way that we could. So why do they make a big deal about something they aren’t supposed to be wearing?

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