Castle Vs. O’Donnell: Why No Posts?

From Ye Olde Email

Yo, Teach, I was wondering why you haven’t made any comments about the Delaware GOP primary as of yet?


I actually left out some of the very nice language towards me and the blog, as I usually do not toot my own horn. Maybe I should, perhaps it would raise my rankings in the Blogosphere? Eh. But, regarding the Castle vs. O’Donnell kefuffle, I rarely get involved in races in other states, except when it involves something weird, and usually only when it involves a Democrat. I barely touched the Scott Brown election, I barely touch Harry Reid’s, I barely touch any specific races outside of North Carolina (I should probably touch more on NC-13, where I live, and the NC Senate race.) First, it just really isn’t my thing to touch on individual races in other states, nor even local races. I don’t do cheerleading.

Second, I’ve always felt that races in other states are for the people in those other states. Would O’Donnell be a better conservative than Mike Castle? You betcha. Michelle Malkin has a huge list of the RINOism of Castle, regarding energy, oil, and the environment. Is Scott Brown a better pick for Massachusetts? Considering how often the people there vote Democrat, you betcha. I’d rather have his squishy Republican self than John Kerry or a Ted Kennedy clone. What is more important is a few strong elected Conservative leaders, something that has been whoa-fully missing during the Bush years. Was Bush a conservative? Not really. He was more like JFK, strong internationally, big government domestically.

Look at the Democrats. Do you think they all are as far left as Nancy Pelosi? Nope, but, she and Reid were able to corral the DINO’s, if you will, into mostly voting for their extreme far left agenda. Of course, that is now coming back to bite them in their august posteriors. Strong leadership can get the squishies to vote Conservative on the important measures. We Conservatives need to remember that not everyone hold all our political leanings. I know conservatives who are massive climate alarmists. Oh, well. Such is life. Do I want to get them to vote Democrat? Hell no. I’ll just continue to work to bring them to my side.

So, I’ll leave the fighting over this issue to Michelle, Patterico, the Powerline guys, against Mark Levin (who I never really cared for. Too much yelling and insults. Though he is not as crazy as Michael Savage) and Dan Riehl. Would I rather have O’Donnell? Sure. Would I rather have a better chance of taking that Senate seat with Castle and building up to the majority? Definitely. We’ll see what the people of Delaware, 19 miles of massive tolls from Maryland to NJ (where the parents live), have to say.

Gay Patriot points out that Delaware is not Alaska.

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8 Responses to “Castle Vs. O’Donnell: Why No Posts?”

  1. Adobe Walls says:

    I’m in the NC2. The RCP doesn’t seem to have access to or post polls from our area of NC. The only reason they have a poll on the NC2 race is because of Etheridge’s utube moment. How’s Randall doing against Miller? I believe that you care about getting rid of Miller so yeah now might be a good time to start using what influence you may have. Look forward to seeing some posts on the NC house races.

  2. I have yet to see any polls for NC house races. Heck, the only Senate one was from months ago. I am dearly hoping Randall smack Miller out. Miller is a disgrace

  3. Adobe Walls says:

    RCP has a poll on Burr’s race by Rasmussen from Sept. 8,
    Renee Elmers vrs Bob Etheridge from June
    RCP has a poll for NC8 Kissel (D) vrs Johnson (R) from January!!!!
    They have nothing for NC7 a SurveyUSA poll from late July for NC11. Surely somebody is polling these and the other NC House races.

  4. captainfish says:

    I’m glad you left that alone.

  5. gfchicago says:

    I have yet to see any polls for NC house races. Heck, the only Senate one was from months ago. I am dearly hoping Randall smack Miller out. Miller is a disgrace

    You and me both. I plan on voting for Bill Randall as I did in the primaries.

    William, I have to diagree with you about Mark Levin. I love listening to him. Does he yell too much, yes, however he has a brilliant legal mind.

    • Oh, no doubt he does have a brilliant mind, and the times I have listened to him (he used to be on the radio in Raleigh from 8pm-10pm, and I’d often hear him while taking a shower after working out or a late round of golf), he makes great points. I just can’t get past his yelling and insults.

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