Police Layoffs: Thanks To Obamanomics, You Can Be A Double Victim!

First, you have to live with the consequences of terrible economic policy that is destroying America, next

Budget cuts are forcing police around the country to stop responding to fraud, burglary and theft calls as officers focus limited resources on violent crime.

Cutbacks in such places as Oakland, Tulsa and Norton, Mass. have forced police to tell residents to file their own reports — online or in writing — for break-ins and other lesser crimes.

Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, the nation’s largest police union, said cutbacks are preventing many police agencies from responding to property crimes.

This surely makes criminals happy. And Obama voters, since property crime is more prevalent among those in heavy Democrat Party voting areas. Disadvantaged areas and those going through renewal are usually the hardest hit, as well as in urban areas.

Don’t expect this situation to improve anytime soon, O-bots. Your messiah has not a clue what he is doing, so, just suck it up, buttercup, when your collection of kool aid glasses are stolen.

Of course, isn’t the Obama administration just one big property crime itself?

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5 Responses to “Police Layoffs: Thanks To Obamanomics, You Can Be A Double Victim!”

  1. John Ryan says:

    1/3 of the stimulus went to help states pay for police fire and teachers.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    1/3 of the stimulus went to help states pay for police fire and teachers.

    And see how well it worked out? Now that the “stimulus” money has run out, local communities can’t pay for the cops and the teachers. So instead of actually working to create an atmosphere where jobs are created and employers can hire, thereby creating higher tax revenues, the stimulus has been a failure of epic proportions.

    Thanks for playing Ryan.

  3. Otter says:

    He’s only playing ryan? So he’s a shill as well as a LIAR?

  4. captainfish says:

    My question is, why are they cutting the most necessary services instead of the fluffy stuff first?

    Why not cut the “bennies” out first, leave the “necessaries” in for last?

  5. Doomed says:

    My Top 10 List for the Democrats.

    1. Blame Bush.

    2. Blame Cheney.

    3. Blame Glen Beck.

    4. Blame Rush Limbaugh.

    5. Blame Bill O’Reilly.

    6. Blame Fox News.

    7. Blame Bush again.

    8. Blame Cheney Again.

    9. Call Republicans Racists.

    10 Go back to the Top and start over.

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