Snap! Americans Still Prefer BP To Be In Charge By A Few Points

Ouch! After PeBo’s little Oval Office address, this is going to leave a mark, per a new Gallup poll

Unshockingly, people on the left, let’s call them morons, want President Vacillator in charge, but, still, 61/34 isn’t that great of an approval. And, we know where Conservatives stand. Moderates, though, ah, the moderates. The people who really decide a general election.

Actually, the problem isn’t so much whether the government or BP should be in charge: it’s whether the idiot at high level at BP or the idiots in the Obama admin, starting from the top, should be in charge. Hey, I have a great idea, though, way, way to late, something that should have been implemented a long time ago: power sharing between BP and Los Federales. But, of course, Obama was more interested in posturing and blaming, and the head folks at BP were trying to CYA.

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One Response to “Snap! Americans Still Prefer BP To Be In Charge By A Few Points”

  1. I don’t think the government is equipped enough to deal with the crisis

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