Hamas Shows Their Warm And Fuzzy Side, Makes Cartoon About Gilad Shalit

And by “warm and fuzzy,” I mean they threaten his life

Hamas released an animated film Sunday bearing a grisly message for Israel: If it doesn’t meet the Islamic militant group’s demands, an Israeli soldier it has held for nearly four years could return home in a coffin.

The short but sophisticated cartoon – which depicts Sgt. Gilad Schalit’s aging father wandering empty streets with a picture of his son and ends with the words “There is still hope” – is the latest product of Hamas’ growing media machine.

TV and radio stations controlled by the group continuously broadcast Hamas-produced songs and music videos threatening the Jewish state and rallying the group’s militant Islamic base.

But the latest cartoon – which was widely broadcast on Israeli TV – was remarkable for the personal and callous nature of the appeal on an issue that has profound emotional resonance for many Israelis: The fate of Schalit, who was captured by Gaza militants in June 2006.

The website of Hamas’ armed wing, which posted the video, said it was intended to pressure Israelis to accept demands for a prisoner swap and warns the Israeli government it could regret not making a deal quickly.

These are the people you support over Israel, Democrats. Are you feeling satisfied and proud? Because this is what they do, this is their business. Death threats and murder.

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4 Responses to “Hamas Shows Their Warm And Fuzzy Side, Makes Cartoon About Gilad Shalit”

  1. John Ryan says:

    American Jews are one of the solid bases of the modern Democratic Party. No matter how much the radical right says that they heart Israel American Jews KNOW that the long term security of Israel is better left to the Democrats.These American Jews in Congress are amongst the most despised of the Democrats. Teach when you hate Democrats, you hate American Jews.

  2. Trish says:

    How’s that John? The part about Democrats being better for the long term security for Jews? Hm? Because at this point in his presidency, Obama and his crew have done nothing but treat Israel badly. If there’s a happy ending to the story, it’s not been revealed in an earlier chapter.

  3. Otter says:

    ‘lil lying johnny cheers for the eventual destruction of Israel, so why does he seem to care so much for the JOOOOOOOOOZ?

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