Clash Of The Titans Review

Yes, I went to see Clash of the Titans this afternoon. What’s the verdit? Two different ones. For being a good, fun, movie, which must be seen in 3D, and they did not overdo the action scenes in order to pump up the 3D effects, I’ll give it a B-, and proclaim it as an afternoon matinee flick. Though, really, unlike Avatar, you will be able to watch it on Blu-Ray just fine without the 3D when it comes out.

For people speaking quite often in British and American accents, for scenery that often makes one think “I thought this was in Greece?”, and for mishy mashing all sorts of Greek mythology together to uplay the feats of Perseus for the big screen, F. However, most people will not care about those, except perhaps the British accents. So, worth seeing in the afternoon.

So much of the mythology of Perseus was changed (a few spoilers below the jump)

Zeus didn’t sleep with Perseus’ mother because his mother’s husband profaned the gods: his grandfather, Acrisius, locked his mother up because prophecy foretold that the son of his mother would one day kill Acrisius. And Zeus, being a rather randy god who liked to sleep with mortal women, did just that.

There are all sorts of inconsistencies in the legend of Perseus. Issues such as his adoptive father’s brother, king of the island, falling in love with Perseus’ mother, who, unlike in the movie, survived, and then the king tries to get Perseus out of the way through many trials, including the myth of the Gorgon. Perseus did not go on an adventure with all sorts of other folks to get the Gorgon’s head to rescue a Greek city from the Krakon. He did not go to the underworld, and he wasn’t out for revenge on Hades (strangely, he all of a sudden appears outside of Hades. It’s like a big scene was cut). The city was being saved from Poseidon. Perseus slew the monster because Andromeda was a hot chicky. Or something like that. He ended up marrying her, not walking away from her and hooking up with some other chicky.

Perseus had no big issues with the gods. Several of them helped him out with magical goods during his quests.  If you see the movie then read the mythology, you will see the inconsistencies.

Still, good movie, and, like I wrote, a good job not overdoing it with the action just to make the 3D awesome. It was more like they made the movie, then said “hey, this would look good in 3D!”

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  1. TFMo says:

    PLEASE tell me there was no ridiculous mechanical owl!

  2. Only seen for about 2 seconds, in order to be ridiculed.

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