Unhinged TEA Partiers Throw Brick Through Window….Oh, Sorry, Meant Unhinged Lefties

As theblogprof points out, this is probably Bush or Palin’s fault. Hey, what about Hannity, Rush, or Beck? Surely their brand of hate speech, know to those of us who do not live in Liberal World as “free speech as espoused by the Founders”, musta sent this nutball, or nutballs, off the rails

A brick was tossed through the window at a Michigan Republican Party office in Howell over the weekend in what party officials said today “appears to be politically motivated violence.”

No one was hurt and nothing apparently was taken, a party spokeswoman said. The message “long live the USA, God bless the USA” was scribbled on the brick, officials said. The Livingston County Sheriff’s office is investigating.

I’d almost think this wasn’t a lefty, what with the mention of God and all, but, face it, we all know this was an unhinged lefty. I’m surprised they didn’t use Allahu Ackbar instead.

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One Response to “Unhinged TEA Partiers Throw Brick Through Window….Oh, Sorry, Meant Unhinged Lefties”

  1. Trish says:

    Only right wing extremists do bad things. This guy ACCIdentally threw a brick he’d written on, through that window. Call CBS and they will confirm that.

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