ObamaCare Is Huge Foreign Policy Victory For Obama. Wait, What?

There are some days where LibThink really gives me a migraine

The passage of the U.S. health care bill is a major foreign policy victory for President Barack Obama.

It empowers him by demonstrating his ability to deliver. Nowhere is that more important than in the Middle East.

The reminder was timely: This man is no softie. He’s a politician tough enough to watch his rivals auto-destruct on his cool, and principled enough to set the right long-term objectives, including “comprehensive diplomatic contacts and dialogue” with Iran, as he said in his second Nowruz, or New Year, greeting to Iranians.

But no one say that the New York Times isn’t still in the tank for The One. Can anyone point out any foreign leaders that listen to Obama? Hell, even Chavez thinks Obama is nuts.

That said, the legislation Obama outsourced to Congress sure empowered quite a bit of problems in the US economy, with even more write downs coming.

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