Check Out All The Grassroots Supporters Of ObamaCare

Now, this is just wrong. Michelle Malkin is making fun of all the grassroots organizations, like SEIU, (never), AFL-CIO, of being fakers and poseurs, not being real. I mean, come one, check this out. Liberal groups, supporters of the Obama health system plan that doesn’t yet exist except in talking points form (but, hey, don’t let that stop them from writing to Congress people, newspapers, sharing on Facebook, Tweeting, and displaying their support ), show all us astroturfing “tea baggers” how it is really done

No astroturf there.

Not there, either.

I’m just not seeing the professional organization. How about you?

No, thank you, all you non-organized folks who brought your hand-made signs and aren’t being directed by anyone, especially those EVIL Rethuglicans with their simple health reform plan.

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