Aaar! Thar Be A White Whale Update: More Delinking!

And it is trying to be helpful

Seriously, I’m trying to look for other Progressive nut-baggery, there are certainly others out there besides Chucky, but, the humor writes itself, and I about died laughing when I saw this at ChristmasGhost.

More: After reading this post at Little Green Footballs 2.0 (via RS McCain) ye olde cool folks, I wondered whether Michelle Malkin would be delinked by Mad King Chucky. Now, I can’t ultimately say this occurred recently, since the Wayback Machine only goes back to February 8th, 2008, but, if you check Chucky’s blogroll today (not linking it,) yup, Michelle is missing. Hot Air is gone, as well. So is Dan Riehl. Gateway Pundit survives, for the moment, as does snapped shot. But, another shocker is the delinking of Rusty Shackleford, of The Jawa Report fame. At one point, they were pretty close, and Rusty considered Charles a blogfather. John Hawkins of Right Wing News? Gone. Iowahawk, Glenn Reynolds, Roger L. Simon, Stop The ACLU, VodkaPundit, and Weasel Zippers got the axe at some point. The common thread? All have gotten in to it at least a little with Charles. And, I suspect anyone who has anything to do with Pajamas Media got wacked, though, I am not going to crosscheck every link.

Now, there are other delinks and additions. That happens on blogrolls. I delink some that are no longer active. I also have some that I disagree with on my blogroll (though, I tend to look at my feedreaders more than blogrolls.) And, again, I can only say this happened between February 8th, 2008, and now. If anyone knows a way to look at more recent data, I’d love to know.

Woops! Baldilocks now joins the Band Of The Banned!

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12 Responses to “Aaar! Thar Be A White Whale Update: More Delinking!”

  1. Duncan says:

    I just saw this over at Ace O Spades, and I thought it quite funny..

  2. Duncan says:

    And here is another… just getting a chuckle….


    How quickly will charges and his LizardZombies complain to Youtube to get those vids removed?

  4. ZZMike says:

    There’s a line on the sand. On one side, Mr LGF. On the other, Roger L. Simon, Malkin, Instapundit, &c. I think I’m pretty sure which side of the line I’d rather be on.

  5. datechguy says:

    Peg from WhatIF blog and I both got the boot tonight too for the horrible crime of defending Rush Limbaugh Honoary Lizzardoid

    How long do you figure before Charles will be doing all the comments for his own posts?

    • Livingstone says:

      “How long do you figure before Charles will be doing all the comments for his own posts?”

      Considering some of the fawning toward him, are you sure he isn’t already?

  6. How DARE you question King Charles! That is worse than questioning the Obamessiah!

  7. Ben B. says:

    Hi , I am from over at AoS and formerly Mule (as in the band, not the political party) on LGF. I apparently was banned a while back and have no idea why. Capt Queeg brings the hammer down hard. I don’t recognize anyone over there anymore anyway.

  8. Stogie says:

    That’s strange about him delinking the Jawa Report. As of this morning Rusty still has LGF in his “Fatwa Worthy” links section. If you pass your cursor over the LGF the word “Awesome!” appears.

    Rusty really needs to update his links.

  9. Dick Nixon says:

    Charles is busy auditioning for a role in the Obamateur Administration to care about conservatives. Besides, all conservative to Charles are white power junkie racist creationists.

  10. TFMo says:

    Hey, sorry, I’m still new at this. The version you grabbed didn’t have Ghost’s page listed in the corner, opposite the copyright. The corrected version is on Ghost’s page now. Could I talk you into re-uploading the pic?

    Thanks, dude!

  11. I doubt whether Rusty knows, Stogie. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened months back when Rusty begged Charles to stop.

    I think Chucky is way to Progressive even for Obama, DN!

    I’ll switch it out by this evening, TFMo.

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