Pajamas Media Demotes Charles Johnson

Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but, I do believe I had checked Pajamas Media’s About Us page back on Thursday after Mad King Charles had banned any mention of Pajamas Media on his site, and he was still listed right under Roger L. Simon as co-founder of PJM, as you can see in this Wayback Machine version from February 2008. Unlike now, where his entry was moved all the way to the bottom, and now says

Charles Johnson – musician and editor of the Little Green Footballs weblog – co-founded Pajamas Media in 2005. Although he has not been part of the company since early 2007, Pajamas is grateful to Charles for helping us get started.

All sidebar links to Little Green Goofballs have been removed, as were available in the Wayback Machine version, though, I can’t say if that is new or has been going on for awhile.

And, yes, I know, another Chucky post. But, this nut is more fun, at least for the moment, than Andrew Sullivan, The Democratic Underground, and other nutters.

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  2. […] Meanwhile blog after blog has sided with Robert Stacy McCain very loudly indeed this while the only person who seems to have had a kind word for Charles is of all people Andrew Sullivan. […]

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