Mad King Chucky Still On The “Creationist” Kick

What he writes (don’t worry, LFGoofballs doesn’t get the link. Basil does. If you want to see what he writes, add him in a feedreader, so his traffic stays low)

Louisiana Governor (and part time exorcist) Bobby Jindal’s stealth creationist bill is starting to bear rancid fruit, as the state’s top school board approves new rules intended to make it difficult for residents to challenge the teaching of creationism in science classes.

Pseudo-science promoted by ignorant religious fanatics takes another big step forward in Louisiana.

What the article, which I am quite sure the Little Green Goofballs readers will ignore, says

The state’s top school board Wednesday approved procedures for residents who object to materials that challenge the teaching of evolution in public school science classes.

The rules, which were praised by evolution critics, stem from a law approved last year by the Legislature.

Backers say the law is needed to give science teachers more freedom to challenge traditional theories, including Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The five-member panel will determine whether the materials:

  • Promote any religious doctrine, which is banned by the state law.
  • Are scientifically sound.
  • Are appropriate for the grade.

So, the laws and the board will give teachers the ability to offer alternative viewpoints, you know, education, opening minds, teaching kids to think for themselves and make decisions based on all the available material, within a specific framework that does not promote any particular religion and is scientifically sound.

Meanwhile, Ace catches LGF moderator Kilgore Trout spamming Hot Air with racist comments, followed by a pronouncement from Der Lizafuhrer. Hot Air responds by moving LGF from War On Terror to Left Channels. (h/t R.S. McCain)

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2 Responses to “Mad King Chucky Still On The “Creationist” Kick”

  1. Duncan says:

    I used to like going over to LGF. It would be nice just to let that site die on the vine, let it be taken over by the bat-$h!t crazy left as the more sane leave it for wiser pastures..

  2. Chucky is attracting more and more of the same folks who got to Kos and such. But, he is also losing tons of traffic.

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