Excitable Chucky Bans Even The Mention Of Pajamas Media

Headmaster of the Little Green Goofballs squad is really that unhinged. I reckon it was number 57 that got wacked.

Then there is this

#74 milkam: There was a great piece by VDH on PJM the other day, but the software here blocked the link. Too bad — guess I’ll have to wait for his stuff to appear on NRO.

So, it appears that Kid Icarus has even blocked PJM.

Anyhow, reading the rest of the comments, few find any problems with ACORN. I could swear I was ready The Daily Kos.

R.S. McCain has a long article up discussing Charles Johnson’s gutless¬†passive-aggressive act. Read it all, as the saying goes.

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2 Responses to “Excitable Chucky Bans Even The Mention Of Pajamas Media”

  1. Duncan says:

    Basil has an interesting post on Charles and LGF… pretty telling actually…


  2. Thanks, Duncan. I’ll check it out.

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