Colin Powell (D) Whines About Rush And Cheney

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His stern words threatened to widen a rift within the party that was laid bare last week when Mr Cheney became the most prominent foreign policy critic of President Barack Obama, to the chagrin of moderates and to the delight of the Right.

Mr Powell, a moderate who publicly announced just before last year’s presidential election he that would vote for Mr Obama, the Democratic candidate, rather than his old friend John McCain, insisted: “I am still a Republican.”

Let me get this straight: Powell endorsed Barack H. Obama, surely voted for Barack H. Obama, perhaps the most liberal Senator ever, and he has the audacity to claim he is still a Republican? What part of the Republican Platform turns you off, C man? Would it be standing up for the lives of the unborn? Perhaps it is letting the People keep more of the money they earned? Standing strong for national security and believing in the greatness of America? Wanting to keep the U.S. military strong? Never apologizing for our greatness? Limiting the size and scope of the federal government? Keeping the federal government of out our private and business lives? You know, all things Obama is is 100% against, among others.

Is it that you do not like that the Republican Party treats people as people, rather then as members to be placed in a box? I suppose you would rather the Republican Party act like Democrats and treat women shabbily when they get in the way or do not toe the line, and patronize Blacks then show them where the bus tires are, right?

The former Gulf war commander lambasted Mr Cheney for saying that he believed “Colin had already left the party” and Mr Limbaugh for saying that he’d supported Mr Obama “solely based on race” and should become a Democrat.

He told CBS television they were “not members of the membership committee of the Republican Party” arguing that the party needed to build a broad base of support rather than falling back on conservative principles.

Granted, one does not have to be a Conservative to be a Republican. But, again, if one is endorsing extraordinarily far left politicians, then one has joined the Democrat Party by default. Man up, Colin. Admit it.

Being Democrat Lite has gotten Republicans nowhere. It’s about damned time that they man up and stand up for the values that made the Republican Party what it was.

On a similar note, Robert Stacy McCain

…..henceforth propagation of false understanding by Republican commentators must be identified and denounced as nothing but what it is: Aid and comfort to the Democrats in the electoral showdown that is now less than 18 months away.

Many of the readers and commenters at The Other McCain are also bloggers, and therefore I ask that they join me in enforcing this policy. The 11th Commandment was never intended to be a shield behind which cowardly fools could hide in safety, merely because they had an “R” beside their names or declare that they are loyal Republicans.

You betcha!

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6 Responses to “Colin Powell (D) Whines About Rush And Cheney”

  1. PunditKix says:

    Colin Powell (D) Whines About Rush And Cheney » Pirate’s Cove…

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  2. I commend Powell for speaking his mind but he stopped being a Republican a long time ago.

  3. John Ryan says:

    Unlike either the other McCain, Cheney, or Rush, Colin Powell voluntarily enlisted in the US Army He served long and honorably and in combat was wounded.and was awarded many medals. Yet YOU choose to post quotes identifying his behavior as “cowardly” and yourself choose to describe him as whiney ??

  4. […] as well as RINOs and if it endorses Democrat and votes Democrat, it’s a Democrat folks (here and here), not to mention the hoity toity left leaning MSM, that Conservatives need to embrace […]

  5. […] as well as RINOs and if it endorses Democrat and votes Democrat, it’s a Democrat folks (here and here), not to mention the hoity toity left leaning MSM, that Conservatives need to embrace […]

  6. There was a time when I would gladly have voted for General Powell. I was even more impressed with him when he stated that he would not run for President, citing his promise to his family to put them first, and his wife did not want to have the public life of a candidate’s spouse. A man who keeps his word is rare, especially in politics, and I was greatly impressed.

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