Obama Waffles And Double Deals On Durban II

Just another case of Obama showing what a massive neophyte he is when it comes to foreign affairs. Didn’t he bring “No One Messes With Joe” Biden on as V.P. to advise him on foreign affairs? The Obama Administration Double-Deals On Israel

Barack Obama just added double-dealing to his foreign policy repertoire. On Friday, administration officials led many Jewish leaders to believe that the president had decided to boycott the United Nation’s “anti-racism” conference known as Durban II. At the same time, however, human rights organizations were being led to believe that the administration was not pulling out and was looking for a way to “re-engage.”

Durban II, scheduled for Geneva in April, is the U.N.’s attempt at a rerun of the 2001 global anti-Semitic hate fest held in Durban, South Africa.

After sowing confusion over the phone lines, the State Department chose late Friday night to put the real deal in print. Their release reads: “the current text of the draft outcome document is not salvageable,” and “the United States will not … participate in a conference based on this text,” but we will “re-engage if a document that meets [our] criteria becomes the basis for deliberations.” A new version must be: “shorter,” “not reaffirm in toto the flawed 2001 Durban Declaration,” “not single out any one country or conflict,” and “not embrace the troubling concept of “defamation of religion.”

And by the way, it continued, the U.S. will “participate” for the first time in the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Definitely read the rest.

The thing is, what can we take from this? It is damned hard to assign motives or ideas to Obama, since he is virtually a blank slate. We can speculate to our hearts content, but, no one really knows. Obama’s base would love for the U.S. to attend Durban II and beat down those “evil jews.” Obama has stated that he stands with Israel. This could go on and on. It comes down to Obama having no clue what to do.

Israel Matzav

And you thought the Democrats were the party that’s concerned about human rights. You were wrong. When you add this to Chas Freeman’s record on China, you have to wonder just whose human rights concern Obama. Oh, I almost forgot. Human rights don’t matter in this administration. They can be traded away for anything that’s anti-Israel.

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