Obama “Promises” Not To Tax You On Milage

Or so, uh, they, uh, say

President Barack Obama will not adopt a policy to tax motorists based on how many miles they drive instead of how much gasoline they buy, his chief spokesman said Friday.

Press secretary Robert Gibbs commented after Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told The Associated Press that he wants to consider the idea, which has been proposed in some states but has angered many drivers.

“It is, uh, not and, uh, will not be, uh, the policy of, uh, the, uh, Obama, uh, administration,” Gibbs told reporters, when asked for the president’s thoughts about the policy and LaHood’s remarks. (WT-edited for the way he actually speaks)

I wonder what the expiration date of this promise will be?

This is, as the article points out, and we in North Carolina have heard about since about 2007, an idea floating around in many states, including mine, North Carolina. What happens is, they attach a GPS to your vehicle, and then tax you on it. The cost mentioned for NC is a 1/4 cent per mile. But, does it really make sense? Good idea or bad idea?

Consider: we pay around 48 cents per gallon. My CRV gets around 18/24 (I maintain it, but, getting a little long in the tooth.) So, if I drive 18 miles around town, which is about what I drive each day to get to and from work, if they GPS’d me, I would pay 4.5 cents. Since they are sure to round up, make it 5 cents. I’ve just saved 43 cents. Sssssh. No one tell the government.

Of course, two points. 1st, the cost of GPSing everyones cars will probably be really expensive, knowing the government. Heck, they will probably send you a direct bill, or add it into your yearly auto tax. Second, does anyone think that the GPS tax will replace the at the pump tax? Yeah. Me neither.

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3 Responses to “Obama “Promises” Not To Tax You On Milage”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Don’t worry Teach it is not going to happen. At least on a national level

  2. John Ryan says:

    instead they are going to privatize all of the highways and turn them into privet toll roads it is part of the free market strategy/

  3. John says:

    Was is the excuse for not adding as RDFID transmitter to the odometer? Seems alot simpler. And with none of the monitoring concerns. For some reason, I don’t think its all about taxes.

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