Friday The 13th: The Review

Chilled out, went and saw the new Friday the 13th today. Excellent! Well worth seeing in the theater.

Had to be the longest opening scene in film history. Went on for about 20 minutes before the title was shown. Good body count, just the right amount of blood and gore, meaning, they didn’t go for the horrific type and massively gory killings just for the sake of being massively gory and horrific. If you’ve seen the original, yeah, about that type of killing. Though, there was one scene before the title that was a bit gross, at least for a person who has snapped his lower leg years back.

Jason was a bit more humanized, and we find where the hockey mask came from.




So, I’ll give it p-(( p-(( p-((p-((out of 5 pirates.

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