Barry Scores Early Victory, But Not With His Coins

Here’s your “impartial” MSM in action, by Obama prostitutes Michael D. Shear and Alec MacGillis

Obama Scores Early Victory of Historic Proportions

Twenty-four days into his presidency, Barack Obama recorded last night a legislative achievement of the sort that few of his predecessors achieved at any point in their tenure.


In size and scope, there is almost nothing in history to rival the economic stimulus legislation that Obama shepherded through Congress in just over three weeks. And the result — produced largely without Republican participation — was remarkably similar to the terms Obama’s team outlined even before he was inaugurated: a package of tax cuts and spending totaling about $775 billion.

You would think that after that, there would be a big “buuuuuuuut,” discussing how this historic bill does almost nothing to stimulate the economy, create jobs, and will bankrupt future generations, not to mention that none of the Congress Critters read the damned thing, and no one who is actually for it knows if it will work. Matter of fact, quite a few economists say it will fail miserably.

And you would think the writers might have mentioned the failuires with his nominees, his outsourcing the porkulus to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who proceeded to craft the bill behind closed doors, his renegaing on his “post-partisan” promise, bringing in lobbyists after proclaiming there would be no lobbyists, and, well, you know the rest. Buuuuut, no, the kissy-face article goes on in a manner that would make one think that either Shear and MacGillis had been paid off, or, wanted to have Barry’s baby.

In related Barry news (can see a video here)

Jerome Polk was so impressed with the special edition Obama coins he saw television star Montel Williams hawking in an infomercial, he ordered six sets for himself and some of his grandkids.

Instead of coins engraved with Obama’s face, as Polk athought he’d orderedt $18 a pop, the Northeast Portland retailer received four actual U.S. coins — a silver dollar, half dollar and two quarters — featuring painted-on Obama images.

“This isn’t an Obama coin, it’s a 50-cent piece with a picture glued on,” says Polk, who paid the U.S Coin Network $145.78 for five four-coin and one three-coin sets, including $25.98 in shipping.

Now, we can’t really blame this on Barry, except in terms of him helping to create a messiah-like auru around himself. Just goes to show, there is a sucker born every minute. Except when liberals practice “choice.”

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  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Come now comrades of the new USSR – United Socialist States Republic – the Baracksheviks voted Obamanation three months ago and now sing DIRE $TRAIT$ 1985 hit: “Money for nothing and get your welfare checks for free…”

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