Get Ready For The National AGW Teach-In!

No. Seriously. Really. I’m not kidding (though I wish I was)

We stand at a unique moment in human history. The window for action on global warming is measured in months, not years. Decisions that we make—or fail to make—in 2009 will have profound impacts not only for our children and grandchildren, but for every human being that will ever inhabit the face of this earth from now until the end of time.

February 5th, 2009, at the beginning of the first 100 days of the new administration, the National Teach-In on Global Warming will engage over a million Americans in solutions-driven dialogue. As educators, students and citizens, we owe our nation a focused conversation about the critical decisions that will determine if our descendants will inherit a prosperous or an impoverished planet.

And you know what is going to happen? Lots and lots of yap yap

Engage the Nation around concrete policy recommendations.

  1. Cut carbon 40% below today’s levels by 2020.
  2. Create millions of green jobs: Weatherize, solarize and rewire the nation.
  3. Revitalize America’s economy: Lead the world in renewable technology.
  4. Promote carbon neutral power.

The heart of your teach-in should be a round-table dialogue between students and key decision-makers: US Senators and congresspeople, governors, city councilors, mayors and state representatives. This kind of intergenerational dialogue has the power to break through the partisan framing of global warming, and resultant political gridlock, because for young people, this is not about left and right. It is your future at stake, and only you have the moral authority to speak for that future.

Learn what you can do today… and tomorrow… and tomorrow… and tomorrow. Give the new President the support needed to put the planet on the path to a stable climate.

All of this is nothing new, it is simply a way of indoctrinating more people, and, quite frankly, getting teachers and students out of class on Thursday. And it is not just colleges, but high schools, as well (haven’t come across any K-8 schools on the map, yet.) Looks like there are quite a few schools signed up, but, they aren’t showing what their actual events are, or what time. Check the map for some loonacy near you. If you get a chance, go to the meeting and see how many gas guzzlers are parked there. 🙂

Amusingly, here in NC, the temps are going to be WELL below normal on Thursday, with a high of 37 here in Raleigh. Normal is about 51.

I do love the part about breaking “through the partisan framing of global warming.” Like these people aren’t partisan?

I’ve got an idea: instead of yapping, why don’t they go out and do something, such as plant some trees and bushes, sell their SUVs, etc? Show they actually practice what they preach. Interestingly, the one book on global warming that I like, The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 Essential Skills To Stop Climate Change, isn’t on the reading list. There are two reasons I like this book: 1st, it tells Climahysterics what they can actually do (which is probably why it is missing from the reading list), and 2nd, because it is primarily made up of wise environmental ideas recast as how to stop AGW, so, they are still good ideas, just ignore the AGW garbage. So, step up, Climahysterics, and take action now!

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3 Responses to “Get Ready For The National AGW Teach-In!”

  1. Reasic says:

    You know, the only “lunacy” I’ve seen is here on your blog, where you’ve so far failed to show any ability to think critically or objectively on this or any other subject, for that matter. I actually recommend you attend one of these sessions. Maybe you’ll learn something. 😛

  2. That’s rich, Reasic, considering that is your side who blames everything on AGW, yet, like yourself, barely does anything to reduce their own carbon footprint, if they do anything at all.

  3. John Ryan says:

    It is 58 degrees here in New York City on Feb 2nd. I guess that means the global climate warming has occurred. Oh wait, maybe that is actually just a local weather anomally, sort of like that snow fall on the mountain top in United Arab Emeriates.

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