Can’t Someone Buy Al Qaeda A Playstation 3?

Sheesh, talk about living in the past.

They were called the Dirty 30 — bodyguards for Osama bin Laden captured early in the Afghanistan war — and many of them are still being held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Others still at the much-criticized detention camp there include prisoners who the government says were trained in assassination and the use of poisons and disguises.

One detainee is said to have been schooled in making detonators out of Sega game cartridges. A Yemeni who has received little public attention was originally selected by Mr. bin Laden as a potential Sept. 11 hijacker, intelligence officials say.

For all you young pups out there, Sega was one of the original video games. So sad, Al Qaeda has fallen on such times. I gues my question would be, where the hell do they find them?

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3 Responses to “Can’t Someone Buy Al Qaeda A Playstation 3?”

  1. Emma says:

    No wonder I was having problems finding Sega Genesis cartridges there for a while. Stealing my old-skool games. Sheesh.

  2. Jane says:

    luvres your anti-spam word, “dhimmi”: anyways, lot o’ young pups out there, im happy to be the institutional memory….pong anyone?

  3. Genesis and Saturn rocked!

    I remember pong.

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