Global Warming Effects To Worsen! Yeargggggh!

Need a little Dean scream every now and then

Global warming is already affecting the nation’s forests, water resources, farmland and wildlife and will have serious negative consequences over the next 25 to 50 years, according to a report issued Tuesday by the federal government.

The scientific assessment by the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, which was commissioned by the Agriculture Department and carried out by 38 scientists inside and outside the government, provides the most detailed look in nearly eight years at how climate change is reshaping the American landscape. The report highlights how human-generated carbon dioxide emissionsfrom burning fossil fuels have already translated into more frequent forest fires, reduced snowpack and increased drought, especially in the West.

You know, it is not that I do not believe this stuff. There are consequences when the world warms up. There are also consequences when it cools down. Some are bad for Man, some are good. Funny how the climahysterics always concentrate on the bad, eh? Funny how they blame Man, but forget about nature.

Also funny how they ignore that Man’s biggest influences to “climate change” are not CO2 from “burning fossil fuels” but methane from landfills and agriculture, as well as the urban island effect. Cow farts just don’t have that sexy appeal for activists as screwing car owners.

But, what of the positive consequences? If, and I say if, global warming continues – despite no change in global temps in the last decade – it will increase food growing times and areas. It will allow animals that often have to deal with heavy winter weather a shorter winter time and an increased grazing range. When it is colder, more water is locked up in ice. When it is warm, there is more available water. That is a good thing.

Perhaps if the climahysterics could let us know exactly what they consider the optimal global temperature, that would be appreciated!

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