DLC To Obama: Lie About Taxes

ABC News

The centrist Democratic group instrumental to former President Clinton’s rise to the White House in 1992 has some advice for Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.: get to the center, starting with taxes.

“In the fall, our nominee will have to do what John Kerry had to do in the 2004 debates, which is turn to the camera and say, ‘No, I will not raise taxes on people making less than $200,000,'” said Bruce Reed, the president of the Democratic Leadership Council, in an interview with ABC News.

In other words, lie to the American people. In Liberal World, someone is rich if they get a paycheck, and those are the people who will have their taxes raised under an Obama presidency, which will be redistributed for all his Big Red programs.

And, face it, what happens when the taxes are jacked up on “the rich” is that “the rich” get all these tax breaks, and end up paying less proportionally then the middle class.

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2 Responses to “DLC To Obama: Lie About Taxes”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach just who would you tax in order to pay for this long expensive war ?
    Or would you like to see the cost of the war just continue to be put on the country’s credit card (deficit) ?

  2. How about we have more responsible spending and cut out pork?

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