DU: The Light Loafers Crew

The woosification of American men continues. First, apparently some men suffer from postpartum depression. Um, yeah, ok. Odds are running 1 to 1 that they are all liberals.

Second, how about some weepy eyed DUmmies?

Obama just brought me to tears on CNN Posted by Tropics_Dude83

OMG. We are so lucky to have Senator Obama as our likely nominee and likely next president. I just watched him talking about how much his mother meant to him. How he owed everything he is to her. He then talked about the tremendous job that Michelle Obama is doing raising their two children while he’s so busy with his presidential run.

I just see the kindness, generosity, and greatness in this man. His personal qualities speak volumes about the kind of person he is. We, again, are so lucky that he has come along at this time. He’ll be one of our greatest presidents in the realm of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy.

He is a dream come true.

Be careful there in wanting to have Barry’s baby, Tropics_Dude83, otherwise you might end up with postpartum depression.

I will give some of the DUmmies credit for blasting this weepy idolatry, though, such as

  • Good Lord… (has a puking emoticon)
  • They are a cult. Swooning and fainting at the sight of their master. It’s disgusting (double puking emoticons)
  • It might have been the onions too.
  • Ugh. I’m sorry but in my opinion your post is over the top. I find your comparisons to the three presidents you mentioned to be extremely ludicrous.
  • Agree Is he for real? (yes, he is. It’s called “woosification“)
  • Is this sarcasm? I hope so, jeez. (nope, it’s woosification)
  • Enough with the hero worship. He’s a politician like the rest of them. We can only hope he wins in the GE and does a good job as president, but do we really need to act like the “Bush was selected by God” Republicans?

I would assume that most of them, and the other attackers in the thread, are Clinton supporters. Obama and Hillary disciples do not play well together. They’re all still pansies, though.

Meanwhile, Right Wing News features The RWN List Of 19 Things Every Man Should Be Able To Do.

Ladies will probably not like this video, but, it is what Men are about! Click the read more

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One Response to “DU: The Light Loafers Crew”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Easy now Teach for the Sorelosermen still do:

    December 14, 2000…
    BUSH – 271 (30 Red States)
    Gore – 266 (20 bLuE sTaTeS)

    LOVE IT!!!

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