SM Wednesday: Democrats Will Defund The War With Dem President

surrender monkey cut and run

Surrendie demanded that he be included today, and, since his teeth are rather sharp and he has been known to fling poo, I decided to aquiesce to his request

House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) told Cybercast News Service on Tuesday he will move to end the Iraq War with an immediate termination of funding if a Democrat becomes president next year.

“I will move to cut funding immediately,” said Frank. “I have already done that. I voted against the war and voted to cut the funding. I would hope a Democratic president would put in place a plan that would begin a total withdrawal.”

So far, neither of the Democratic presidential candidates, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, has been willing to unambiguously commit to a plan to remove all U.S. troops from Iraq by 2013.

Look, there have obviously been problems with Operation Iraqi Freedom. Some were ones that should have been known about, some are simply Monday morning quarterbacking, with some of those falling in the category of seeing Eli Manning overthrowing the recievers for over a season till his mechanics were finally fixed. Regardless, we are there. We are very close to achieving the post war objectives. Did you know that one of the Surge brigades is being withdrawn? This would be the 3rd one, and it is due to progress.

The Democrats are basically taking the position of Al Qaeda and the hard core Arabs: run away, America, run away. Democrats prefer a weak and demeaned America. They, like so many around the world, want America reduced. But, who do they think will fill the power vacuum?

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3 Responses to “SM Wednesday: Democrats Will Defund The War With Dem President”

  1. John Ryan says:

    that surge brigade is being withdrawn because its 15 month deployment is over. Unless we begin to ask our troops for EVEN longer tours say 18 months then we must withdrawn brigades and we have none left that have not had their full year to rest retrain and re-equip.
    But the funding, the People of the United States elected the Democrats and booted out the Republicans in 2006. The People of the United States want their troops brought home. We have given the Iraqis so very much already, it is time for the Iraqis do stand up.
    “When the Iraqis step up, we will stand down” G Bush June 2005

  2. John Ryan says:

    and as for defunding the war, let’s be more accurate the Democrats will stop allowing the borrowing of money to fund the war. Would you Teach agree to raise the taxes necessary to pay for that war ?

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    WE THE PEOPLE ? You mean WE THE Defeatocrats, Surrendercrats, Hippies, Peaceniks, Tokers, Pacifists, Communists,
    Materialists, Secularists, Hedonists, Islamofascists, Hollyweirdos, Socialists, Atheists and Liberals and Cafeteria Catholics…
    OBAMA IN 08 & OSAMA IN 09?
    Is Ryan a Super Duper Delegate Teach?

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