Grey Lady Tells Us Exactly When Obama Figured It Out

Obama seems to be more like a guy who didn’t see the signs that his wife was in the adult movie business for 20 years, despite seeing her having dinner with all sorts of guys every couple weeks

barack obama cluelessLate Monday night, in the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, N.C., Barack Obama’s long, slow fuse burned to an end. Earlier that day he had thumbed through his BlackBerry, reading accounts of the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.’s latest explosive comments on race and America. But his remarks to the press this day had amounted to a shrug of frustration.

Only in this hotel room, confronted with the televised replay of the combustible pastor, did the candidate realize the full import of the remarks, his aides say. At the same time, aides fielded phone calls and e-mail from uncommitted superdelegates, several demanding that the candidate speak out more forcefully.

As Mr. Obama told close friends after watching the replay, he felt dumbfounded, even betrayed, particularly by Mr. Wright’s implication that Mr. Obama was being hypocritical. He could not tolerate that.

“Only in his hotel room, confronted with his wife performing on the adult pay-per-view channel, did the candidate realize the full import of what she had done.”

Seriously, how does one not know that ones close friend, a mentor, a man who is “almost an uncle,” has been speaking like Wright has over 20 years? This article by the NY Times highlights that Obama is not ready to be President of the United States. How can one possibly perform the job when one has no clue what has been going on with a close family acquaintance for 20 years that one sees on a constant basis?

Alternately, and more realistic, Obama knew exactly what was going on, and this Times article was written by either two gullible idiots, or two “journalists” trying to cover for the Jackass who would be president and his 20 years of delving into America hatred, America blame, and racist, bigoted, separatist language. Obama has realized, as has been said so many times over the last month or so, and particularly since Tuesday, how bad this Wright issue is to his campaign. White America is not particularly behind Obama, as shown in a Times editorial yesterday. I suspect that the Wright issue will push them farther away. People can call that racist if they want, and they would be right. Or, should I say, Wright. Because it is the blind bigotry and racism, along with the aforementioned America hatred and blame, added to all the issues that White America doesn’t get, such as talking directly with teroristic and America hating regimes such as Iran, that are bad for Obama. And they are starting on his side.

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