Giants vs Patriots

Finally. The Day has arrived. And there is nothing like a bit of Leftard hysteria to give a few laughs as we wait for the game to start, many of whom, I suspect would prefer to watch a soccer match between Iran and Venezuala

Liberian Rubber Workers Won’t Enjoy Super Bowl Show Their Work Paid For


Did you know Obama picked the Pats to win?

TJTelecaster – Go f*ck yourself Obama you jerk off..
I hope this costs you New York you destroyed the Democrat’s chances for 2008 you prick, and now your blackmailing the Democratic party holding your voters hostage you ass-hole..!
Go Giants..!

No, no, the angry Left has left the building, especially when George Bush says he is more interested in the Super Bowl then Super Tuesday. In fact, they are calm

  • He is not intersted in Super Tuesday because he knows how it will turn out, Diebold has told him already, and there is no fun watching when you already know how it all ends. Which brings up the plus of all this, it is good thing Diebold is not running the super bowl
  • Seriously, are you surprised? I’m not considering what a dolt he is. On Jan. 21, 2009 chimpy will get a bottle of Jack Daniels and crawl in it never to be heard of again. He is a low life simpleton who doesn’t know much and doesn’t need much, if he didn’t have a rich daddy he would be living in a trailer park with a car on the front lawn. Money doesn’t buy class
  •  Republicans = Military Failure (Dem version of Turrets)
  • SEND BAGS OF PRETZELS TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Laura, put out lots of beer and pretzels for George. You know, the BIG Bavarian kind that Hitler used to like! They’re great for stuffing your mouth with! And be sure to LEAVE THE ROOM when George is watching TV like a good wifey! And if anything happens, think of how much money he is worth, and how ancient his bitchy parents are, and God knows Jenna needs new clothes and money for that wedding girl!

While there are PLENTY more wackadoodle comments at that Hufftard post, I think we can end with one that mentions Hitler. And wishing for W’s death.

Oh, did I mention soccer?

Stupor Bowl. Gladiators. Rome. The Fall. Pride goeth. Warriers battling it out. The bigger the better. Manly men. Testosterone out of control. Biggest, baddest, toughest. Biggest of the big. Big. America the Big.

Soccer (the real football..they actually use their feet for more than running a few feet at a time)…no shoulder pads, face masks, helmets, teeth guards, gonad guards.. Soccer (fusbol) is a real game, a game of amazing skill and strength, finesse and grace, and intelligence and beauty. It’s the game of the world.

I can’t resist making a political analogy here: McCain (Stupor Bowl); Obama (World Cup).

No, no anger.

Meanwhile, back to Reality Land, I am, yes, an actual Giants fan. Grew up on the Jersey Shore (always capitalized) in a town called Brielle, so, I bleed Giants Blue. Dr. M beat me to the punch with her post (cross posted at her own blog, Dr. Melissa Clouthier), but, here is my prediction:

Giants by 2 in a high scoring game. Both teams up in the 30’s

What is your prediction?

Cross posted at Right Wing News.

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2 Responses to “Giants vs Patriots”

  1. Giants vs Patriots…

    Finally. The Day has arrived. And there is nothing like a bit of Leftard hysteria to give a few laughs as we wait for the game to start, many of who, I suspect would prefer to watch a soccer match……

  2. John Ryan says:

    Yeah Teach the Left is BOIUND to hate this game lol
    2 teams from dark Blue states battling it out in the forst GREEN Superbowl. lol

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