Giants 31 Patriots 30

Per Pete Prisco

Fans of the New England Patriots, who have come to loathe me over the years, will say I’m picking the New York Giants to win Super Bowl XLII because there’s a Manning on the roster.

You know what? They’re right.

I am picking the Giants to upset the Patriots because of Eli Manning. It’s not that I think he’ll outshoot Tom “Das Boot” Brady in this game. It’s that I think Manning will do enough to move the football against a so-so New England secondary — and he won’t turn it over. That will give him a mistake-free postseason and a Super Bowl MVP.

On the other side, Brady will turn it over two times. Those turnovers will prove to be the difference in the game.

Pats fans should remember when their team upset the St. Louis Rams a few years back to get Brady and coach Bill Belichick their first Super Bowl victory. Nobody gave them a chance. Nobody is giving this Giants team a chance, either. But they’re 10-1 on the road this season, won three consecutive playoff games away from home and this one is technically a road game for them.

They will find a way to make it happen by mixing in the run with some timely Manning throws. The defensive front will hit Brady more than we have seen. Add it all up and I smell an upset. So loathe me some more, chowder lovers. I’m picking the Giants 31-30. To borrow a line from one of your own (Matt Damon) from one or your Boston-centric movies: How you like them apples?

Getting close to time to see.

PS: do we really need to see all the celebrities and such pre-game? Tom Petty? Old news. Let’s hear about, you know, the f’ing game!

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3 Responses to “Giants 31 Patriots 30”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Another poor unfortunate consumed by hatred. PDS

  2. Don’t be a hata, be a playa 🙂

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    The Demlibloonies are the HATE party if you’re one of 50 million aborted and murdered babies!
    Soros = Hate
    Hitlery Rotten Clinton = 666
    Al-Qaeda Loves the Democratic Party

    Have a nice day dearest left wing moon bats!

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