Huff Post: John Bruhns On Supporting Edwards

Liberals are so much fun. John Bruhns, posting at the Huff Post, spends the first 10 paragraphs whining about Bush and how bad America is, then gets around to telling us who his ideal candidate is

  • End the war in Iraq (he means with a loss)
  • Only use war as a last resort (because all those UN Resolutions never happened)
  • Provide hope & optimism instead of encouraging hate & fear (I heart Islamic extremists)
  • Restore America’s standing in the world community (because what a Frenchman sipping coffee’s opinion is more important then our national security)
  • End the division here at home (like that is going to happen with insane liberals around)
  • Finally end partisan claims to patriotism and troop support (waaaa! Stop calling us unpatriotic because we do not support the troops nor America)
  • Place the interests and wishes of the American people as their # 1 priority (how’s that working with the Democrat led Congress, bub?)
  • Have the courage to stand up to special interests groups and party orthodoxy (bwahahaha. Like that will happen with any party. Besides, Edwards loves his special interest groups, too)
  • Stop the outsourcing of American jobs (like that will happen. Good thing we insource even better jobs)
  • Be a strong advocate for universal health care (I want socialism!)
  • Work hard for environmental protection (I’d agree, if I knew John didn’t mean anthropogenic climate change)
  • Be part of the solution not the problem (Edwards is part of the problem)
  • Admit when they are wrong and make the necessary corrections (pander to the base)
  • Speak in coherent sentences (added bonus)  (yes, cause speaking well is more important then actions)

Wunderbar! Notice that the list is more about being against Bush, then for any policies that Edwards is for. After that, he spends a whopping one paragraph, which also is the final paragraph, saying he is supporting Edwards

I strongly believe that John Edwards is the best candidate running for the presidency of the United States. I believe that he will be strong at home and abroad. I believe that he has the best plan to end poverty, protect American jobs, and restore hope to the middle class. Most importantly, I believe wholeheartedly that he will end the war in Iraq and that he would never send our brave men and women in uniform into harms way unless it is absolutely necessary.

But nothing about having the best hair, living like a prince, hiding behind his wife’s skirt….heck, Elizabeth Edwards would be a better candidate.

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3 Responses to “Huff Post: John Bruhns On Supporting Edwards”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Although more the extremes of either party are more “amusing” elections are won and lost in the middle, and middle America likes the Democrats more than the Republicans.

  2. We’ll see, John, we’ll see. Americans tend to be optomistic people, unlike democrats, who tend to be negative and only against things, not for things. Excepting higher taxes and abortion on demand, of course.

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    My my Hitlery has actually APOLOGIZED more in the last week than impeached Bubba Clinton did in Zippergate! If Bubba is as black as Obama, then Hitlery and Bubba have an inter-racial marriage, eh?
    MAMMMMMMY 2007!

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