Beer Monday: SCHIP Still Gives It Up To Illegals

Buenos Monday! The start of a new work week. Time to get busy, revolutionize outside the box, shift a few paradigms, be productive. How ’bout a beer?

Illegal aliens – can’t really call them undocumented workers, since so many of them steal valid social security numbers and/or get legal drivers licenses – are raising a stein in toast of the Democrat Congress

The revised children’s health insurance bill that Congress is about to send to President Bush still has loopholes that both illegal aliens and ineligible legal immigrants could exploit to join the program, a new Heritage Foundation analysis shows.

Under the bill, those applying for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program would not have to prove citizenship. Instead, they only would have to provide a valid Social Security number — something most legal immigrants and many illegal aliens already have, said Robert Rector, a senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, whose analysis is being released today.

“If you’re illegal, you’re going to have to come with a valid but bogus Social Security number. If you’re a legal permanent resident, you have a Social Security number, it’s just a piece of cake for you to walk in,” Mr. Rector said.

He said the SCHIP bill that Congress passed would undo the 1996 welfare policy that restricted most public benefits to legal immigrants who have been in the country for at least five years. The new bill doesn’t change that requirement, but only requires states to ask for a Social Security number, which Mr. Rector said means ineligible immigrants could sign up.

Wonderful. Not only do the Democrats want to extend this insurance to people who can afford to pay for their own, they want to extend it to people who are here illegally and immigrants who are ineligble. You can bet that they know what is in that Bill.

Now they will send it off to President Bush, who will whip out the veto bill yet again. We will then get the war of words between the White House and Democrat leaders. And there will still be no reauthorization of the original SCHIP program because Democrats want to go overboard in their agenda. Just like with the spending for Iraq and Afghanistan, and so many other programs. It’s like the Democrats are trying to make up for being the minority party for 14 years by dumping ever socialist idea they can think of in to legislation.

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