NY Giants Win: TV’s Saved

I just have to wonder how many TVs were saved by the Giants offensive output in the 4th quarter, particularly Eli’s

Eli Manning redeemed himself just in time and the New York Giants dealt the Chicago Bears’ playoff hopes another staggering blow.

Manning led two late touchdown drives and Reuben Droughns scored on a 2-yard run with 1:33 remaining to lift the Giants to a 21-16 victory over the Bears on Sunday.

Manning was awful for most of the game but delivered in the latter stages after throwing four interceptions the previous week in a drubbing by Minnesota.

And, ladies, you wonder why men need to drink while watching football?

The D played spectacular, btw.

Eli needs to find some damned emotion. And the coaching staff needs to keep the O in at least an up-tempo mode, where the ball is getting snapped with 10 seconds or more left on the play clock.

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3 Responses to “NY Giants Win: TV’s Saved”

  1. irtexas says:

    Eli needs to stop thinking he can ride his brother’s tail wind. He is no where as mature as Peyton was at that age. I watched them threw high school and college and Eli just doesn’t see the same vision as Peyton. It could be that NY state of mind for him. He needs to have a long talk with himself. Only in MS not NY.

  2. joated says:

    I completely agree that they need to stop watching the play clock and waiting til it reads “1” before snapping the damn ball. It becomes so predictable that even the defense can time their moves. Choose to snap at 10, 9 or 8 or maybe 7 and you get them (the defense) sitting on their heels. Vary the damn snap time for crying out loud! Even in Pop Warner ball tey know this.

  3. On one hand, I agree, irtexas. He needs to get his shat together, and act like a pro QB through the whole game, not just a brief time period. On the other, NY is a tough place to play, and the coaches need to provide him with the plays that will allow him to succeed. 3 step drops, quick slants, etc.

    The long counts is what killed Fassel, joated, too. His whole offense was based on uptempo, get the snap in with 10-15 seconds left on the clock. He did not run it that way, and the O suffered. NY should put in a more uptempo pace for Eli, get him in rythme, keep it going, which would also give Eli less time to think.

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