Oh, Goody, Paris Is On Fire. Again

Well, I do not mean “goody” in a good way (from Pajamas Media via Michelle M)

Fires are raging in the banlieue tonight. Two boys aged 15 and 16 riding on a mini-motorcycle (prohibited on the road) hit a police car this afternoon in Villiers-le-Bel. The boys, who weren’t wearing helmets, were killed. Hundreds of enraged men and boys are tearing up the neighborhood.

Le Parisien reports that they burned down a Peugeot dealership, sacked a train station and shops, tore up a McDonald’s, stole the day’s receipts and attacked customers, smashed and burned cars, and are still going strong. A police commissioner who tried to talk to the mob was attacked with iron rods; his face and skull are fractured. A police station was burned down, seven policemen were injured.

This seems to have all the makings of a yearly event, kinda like the Yearly Kos.

What’s up with the attacks on McDonalds? This seems to happen every time there is a riot.

From the Herald Tribune

Dozens of youths pelted a police station in the northern Paris suburb of Sarcelles with Molotov cocktails Sunday, following an accident involving a patrol car that left two teenage motorcyclists dead, police officials said.

Shots were fired at the officers in the station, and a police captain was hospitalized with a serious injury to the face after he tried to negotiate with the mob, a police union official said. The youths also torched several cars and set garbage cans alight, officials said.

Just wondering if this is going to come down to illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern and North Africa countries, if you get what I mean.

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