Cold Beer Always!

This is possibly the most important story you will ever read, gentlemen, and will rank right up there in our top ten inventions for guys list (New Zealand Herald)

A young New Zealand inventor has found a solution to the unpalatable problem of a can of warm beer – a device that turns a tepid beverage into a cold drink within seconds.

And the portable gadget, which has a cooling capacity almost four times that of regular ice with the advantage that it doesn’t water down your drink, could spell the end of lugging a heavy chilly bin to the beach.

Kent Hodgsen, you rock!

Mr Hodgson calls his invention Huski, which is among the 30 exhibits from top graduates of Massey University’s Auckland School of Design at the three-day Design Exposure 2007 beginning today at Britomart Pavilion.

Anyone think he is going to be an instant massive millionaire? That is, until the climate change hysterics get ahold of how it works

“You have plastic cooling cells which are pressed down into the dock which houses the liquid carbon dioxide. The liquid CO2 expands and is pressurised into dry ice in the base of the cooling cells … in a moment.

Anyhow, in no particular order, top 10 inventions that have benefited guys

  1. television
  2. football, baseball, ice hockey
  3. the mini dress
  4. The Pill
  5. Huski
  6. Beer
  7. remote control
  8. muscle cars
  9. the bikini
  10. mirrored sunglasses


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