John Edwards Is Going To Feed Everyone!

He has a plan. Everyone eats! Guess who is going to pay for it?

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards on Wednesday released his plan to fight domestic hunger and called on Congress to immediately take action to fund programs that provide food services for millions of Americans.

His six-point proposal urges Congress to pass a farm bill that would provide food stamps and support food banks, and asks lawmakers to reform the food stamps program to help more families get more assistance.

The plan also tells politicians in Washington to quickly provide $5.1 billion to help low income families pay their winter heating bills to free up extra money for food.

The former North Carolina senator said that he would help low-income children get more access to healthy meals, support programs that provide meals for the elderly, and develop a new program that would identify and provide for neighborhoods that don’t have full-service supermarkets.

I’m sure his plan doesn’t include anything positive like, oh, helping those low income folks get jobs.

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One Response to “John Edwards Is Going To Feed Everyone!”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    I’m IN if he feeds my family and gives us free health bennies and free root canals and bridges and free college… WOW! – World Be Free Edwards In 2008!!!

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