Traffic Charges Bring Deportation. Sniffle

Today’s illegal immigration sob story, via the Raleigh News And Observer

Some illegal immigrants in North Carolina are being deported after being jailed for traffic violations.

Opponents of the program to screen jail inmates’ immigration status say deportations after traffic arrests hurt people who are basically law-abiding and productive. Supporters, however, say that the immigrants are being held to the same standards as citizens and that deportation is a just consequence of being in the country illegally.

Mecklenburg, Alamance, Cabarrus and Gaston counties participate in the program, in which local jailers find illegal immigrants already in custody and cooperate with federal officials to deport them. Wake County commissioners designated more than $600,000 last week to bring the program to Wake County in the next six months.


But Antonio Vasquez, a Charlotte researcher gathering information on the program for the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization, said the programs separate parents and children.

“It’s been pushed because it’s a way to keep criminals away from a community,” Vasquez said. “We really didn’t know anything about the program and how detrimental it would be to families.”

Here is where that thang called “personal responsibility” comes in to play. Do not blame the United States and the established laws for people coming here illegally, with their children and/or having children here, and then being separated because of the laws they broke. Guess what? They can take their kids back to their home countries. Amazing concept!

There are a few more sob stories in the article that I won’t discuss, thou can read it thyself. They are standard “feel bad for the illegals who broke the law because they are just hard working criminals.” To break one down, a mother of 3 got popped for driving without a license

Alamance County Sherrif Johnson said that for every person like Jaimes, his officers also see convicted sex offenders, immigrants charged with robberies and other serious crimes. He has to check everyone who comes into his jail, no matter what they’re charged with.

Besides, Jaimes committed a crime by driving in North Carolina without a license, he said.

“We didn’t put her in that position; she put her in that position and her family in that position,” he said.


I’m sorry that they are being separated, however, again, it is their own fault. They broke the law. No one really complains about people being separated from their families when they are sent to jail. The illegals who didn’t do something to earn a stay in the pokey get sent back to where they came from. Why is that so onerous?

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7 Responses to “Traffic Charges Bring Deportation. Sniffle”

  1. A REAL AMERICAN says:

    Your are spot-on my friend. I have been saying the “personal responsibility” thing for a long time. Why should we feel sorry when someone who is not even authorized to be in the country is caught and deported. America has to stop all this nonsense and get tough with the illegals. Our politicians are the ones who got us in this mess and now don’t have the balls to stand up and do the right thing. American citizens must keep the heat on and demand our government enforce the laws already on the books. As for the deported illegals, Boo Hoo (not) and good riddance.

  2. Wear Red on Fridays Links…

    Checking out what’s on the blogroll …….

  3. John Ryan says:

    So any idea on what the cost to the state of North Carolina will be to care for her children until they become adults ?
    I see roughly a total of 40 years or so.
    We must erect an Iron Curtain. Shoot them if they try and get in !!

  4. drstrangeloveb52isok says:

    Comrade John Ryan is finally coming to his Warsaw Pact senses and about time! OK Frau Katarina Witt Vader, let’s go ice dancing now… naked… and reproduce MORE right wing neocons…for the PEOPLE. Ja vol!
    – CARMEN 1984 Sarajevo!

  5. Scrapiron says:

    Isn’t there some states that a three time loser gets life in prison? Every criminal Mexical that slipped across the border broke the law. Get a parking tickey and you’re a two time loser. One more and you have a home for life. At least it works for me as long as they go to the Arizona prison where they live in a tent in the desert and get a bologna sandwich which is considered a days food supply.

  6. Scrapiron says:


  7. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Scrapiron USA: Our pathetic blue state prisons are full of illegals that don’t want ICE to deport them and I often wonder what the Gestapo or Chicoms or Stalinists would do with these illegals?

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