Hacked, Part II

I mentioned a few days ago about being hacked. Thought I had it all fixed. Nope. Seems it was worse then I thought.

Fortunately, a great sould, Pete of PeteRepublic was kind enough to let me know that my feeds weren’t working. See, I use Bloglines, that way I can access the feeds from any PC, and my feed worked in that program. However, none of them were working anywhere else. There was an issue with another file that did not belong, and messed up the feeds to start with. Then, there was something which, when looking at the source code, had hundreds of bad links to all different types of those f’ing drug sites and and shit after the end body tag. Just could not find where it was.

So, I upgraded to 2.3.1. Fixed the problem. Also, did the same to the American Flag League, cause it’s feed was bad, and I kinda made it worse. This one is for me > 

So, raise a cold mug to Pete!

I am also adding his fantastic site to my regular blogroll and the American Flag League, in a way that keeps his sites on the top of the list. Thanks, Pete!

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One Response to “Hacked, Part II”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    The Hackers were from http://www.MoveOver.Orgy, CNN, http://www.leftwingsparkle.commie (you know who WT) and the Huffington Post vampire Arianna? I tried getting on Beth’s blog numerous times and it wasn’t possible either not too long ago….

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