SCHIP Passes In Senate

Here we go again

The Senate gave final approval to revised legislation expanding the SCHIP children’s health insurance program, again defying President Bush, who has said he will veto the measure for the second time.

The vote to send the legislation to Bush was 64-30. All six senators from the Philadelphia region voted in favor of the bill. A House vote Oct. 25 fell short of the two-thirds needed.

I was there in the gallery watching this travesty for most of the afternoon Thursday, and some parts were pretty ugly. Lots of “my distinguished collegue’s,” meaning, of course, “you a**hole!”

Missing from most of the stories are two things. First, that they are adding this on to the Support for Injured Servicemen Act, which shows how despicable Democrats really are, since the SCHIP legislation has nothing to do with the Act.

Second, no one is mentioning that Dodd, Obama, and Clinton were missing from the vote. Guess these Democrat presidential candidates did not think the SCHIP was so important that they should take an afternoon to debate and vote on it, you know, the thing they campaigned to do.

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