Global Warming Today: More Do As I Say

During these past few weeks, where temperatures have been below average, the global warming as caused by Man zealots have been active. Actively using lots of power, apparently.

( – As Sen. John Kerry promotes his new book on the dangers of global warming, he's been running up an average electric bill of $1,100 a month at his federal-style red-brick townhouse on Louisburg Square in the Beacon Hill area of Boston.

That's according to the Massachusetts Democrat's utility company, NStar, one of many utility companies across the nation whose operators provide information about the average monthly electric bill for any given address.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), chairwoman of the Senate committee on environment and public works, paid a high of $675 a month and a low of $225 a month in 2005 to power her home in Greenbrae, Calif., according to the utility company Pacific Gas and Electric.

More do as I say, not as I do, from Democrats, eh? We have already seen what the Goracle uses in energy, far above the average user. As I have said many times, why should people listen to folks that talk the talk, but refuse to walk the walk? You know, the whole "lead by example" thing? If they are jet setting around, driving SUVs, racking up huge power bills, why should we do anything different? Sure, they can dump money into so called "carbon offsets" which the rest of us really can't afford (or want) to do, but carbon offsets miss the point of walking the walk.

Now, President Bush says he is at least a somewhat believer (I do not really agree with him on this), and what does he do?

(Gore's use of energy is) presumed to be considerably more than President George W. Bush's home in Crawford, Texas uses. Though jeered by the environmental movement, Bush has won praise for energy efficiency at his ranch house.

And, as usual, other zealots want to excuse the behavior of Kerry, Gore, Boxer, and other limousine liberals

But Chris Miller, global warming campaigner for Greenpeace International, said personal power consumption is ultimately irrelevant in the big picture.

"We all need to do what we can. But I'm afraid we're going to miss the forest for the trees if we look at individual members," Miller told Cybercast News Service.

"The issue is not about one person's home or the light bulb they use. At the end of the day, you or I can change our light bulb or buy a Prius [hybrid car]. What matters is congressional action with an economy-wide [carbon emissions] cap, like Europe."

Of course. It doesn't matter that those who push global warming as caused by Man do not live the life, we have to have congress (blank) things up for everyone else. The ultimate in elitist clap trap. It doesn't matter what they do, they're special. It is only the little people who should change their lives, at the point of a sword.

Meanwhile, the Kyoto signatury countries aren't even close to meeting their commitments, and Kyoto wouldn't even make a difference anyway. Great. Let me know how that works out.


Van Helsing points out climate change zealots protesting in the snow. Snicker.

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8 Responses to “Global Warming Today: More Do As I Say”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    WT – How come the wombats of The View aren’t pictured here? Helen Thomas, The Waco Wacko Janet Reno, and Hillary aren’t either? Where’s the diversity Blackbeard?

  2. John Ryan says:

    Always a sign of weakness when personalites are debated instead of issues.

  3. Silke says:

    I like what Thomas Friedman recently wrote about this issue…

    “I am not proposing that we radically alter our lifestyles. We are who we are — including a car culture. But if we want to continue to be who we are, enjoy the benefits and be able to pass them on to our children, we do need to fuel our future in a cleaner, greener way.

    The market alone won’t work. Government’s job is to set high standards, let the market reach them and then raise the standards more. That’s how you get scale innovation at the China price. Government can do this by imposing steadily rising efficiency standards for buildings and appliances and by stipulating that utilities generate a certain amount of electricity from renewables — like wind or solar. Or it can impose steadily rising mileage standards for cars or a steadily tightening cap-and-trade system for the amount of CO2 any factory or power plant can emit. Or it can offer loan guarantees and fast-track licensing for anyone who wants to build a nuclear plant. Or — my preference and the simplest option — it can impose a carbon tax that will stimulate the market to move away from fuels that emit high levels of CO2 and invest in those that don’t.

    The bottom line is this: Clean-tech plays to America’s strength because making things like locomotives lighter and smarter takes a lot of knowledge — not cheap labor. That’s why embedding clean-tech into everything we design and manufacture is a way to revive America as a manufacturing power.”

  4. Darth, I wouldn’t do that to ya 😉

    John, personalities are not being discussed, particular people who fail to live the life they tell everyone else to is. Can you respond to that?

    Silke, I won’t disagree. Matter of fact, he is right. However, we should be doing that simply for 1. a cleaner environment, and 2. energy independence. Not because of something that we can do little about, ie, global warming. We need to see the trees in the forest.

  5. Silke says:

    Teach, what did you think of the rest of Friedman’s article?

  6. There are plenty of environmental topics worthy of attention. Too bad the current Global Warming craze is dominating the discussion. The most vocal supporters of Global Warming seem to have forgotten about all those simple things we can do to maintain the planet. And I agree that ‘their’ lifestyles will never be affected by what they propose. Let everyone else do it. Seems the current ‘celebs’ have borrowed one from Hol_ywood.

  7. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Silke – Where’s your Global Warming sweetheart? It’s April 17th and I’m still wearing my WINTER clothes and using our fire place! WT – Frau Crusader and I like this whether for the ‘hot heterosexual cuddling’ under our empire blankets! Thigh Highs still keep my hands warm too…

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