So, How’d That Surrender In Iraq Go, Spain?

You know, it is a shame that Spain has been ignored since their surrender to terrorists. You remember the whole train bombing which caused the Spanish people to elect a whole new surrender (socialist) government.

Well, there have been many, many incidents in Spain since. Here are two more

Spain is on alert following reports that two Al Qaeda terrorists have taken refuge in the country, arriving here from Morocco.

Proving that Al Qaeda is easily finding safe haven in Europe

The Spanish Civil Guard on Monday uncovered two explosives caches which belong to the Basque separatist group ETA in the northern Spanish region of Guipuzcoa.

The ETA's little ceasefire didn't even last a year, and they are continuing with their agenda.

Let's move on to France

Wednesday’s deadly car bomb attacks in the Algerian capital Algiers have raised fears that North Africa is becoming embroiled in a war against terrorism that will eventually spread across the Mediter-ranean to the European mainland.

French Interior Minister Francois Baroin saw the Algiers attacks as confirmation that “France is under the threat of acts of terrorism” and called for “extreme vigilance.”

The group that claimed responsibility for the attacks in Algiers which killed at least 24 people and injured more than 220, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, has already threatened to carry out attacks against Western targets, and particularly those associated with France.

So, preemptive surrender hasn't worked out so well for France, despite their constant criticism of America and Bush. To be fair, they do have some small amounts of troops in Afghanistan and some other countries. But, with a massive amount of Muslim's in France and still coming, legally and illegally, they have, well, issues.

How about Russia?

The Call for Jihad, which was released by ’Al-Qaeda shells’ media department, called upon the youth from GCC countries to join it and get ready for a war in the area. This call as seen by a political activist, is warmly welcomed and accepted by many people, such acceptance was not available five years ago.

The invitation appeared in the internet and contained the following, "For those who want to perform jihad and to be one of God’s soldiers, for those who wish to sacrifice themselves in the name of God, for whoever wants to join in and be with the beloved Mohammad and his friends, for those who are honest in wanting martyrdom for everyone who felt pain for what is happening in the Muslim world, for those who saw the Muslim children cut into pieces, to all Muslims in general, for the heroes of this nation, we start a full programme for training and educating the heroes to fight the Jews and crusaders and to become the protective shield of Islam."

That supposedly refers to the Muslims killed during the Beslan hostage crisis (to put it mildly.)

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One Response to “So, How’d That Surrender In Iraq Go, Spain?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    How has Spain been doing since they voted in the socialists ? Well they currency has gone up 25 % versus the US dollar.
    And no new terror attacks, so I guess it seems to be working out OK.
    In fact all of Europe seems to have been pretty quiet in 2006.
    Of the 500 terror attacks only one is believed to have been done by Islamists.,1518,476599,00.html
    It appears that many on the right are hoping that there will be some form of terror attack, if only so that they can say “I told you so” These are same people who keep telling the jihadists that more than 1/2 of all American voters support them, that only a minority actually will fight them.

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