Beer Monday Linkfest: Duke Protests Leader

And a good Monday morning. The start of a new work week. How about a beer and hockey?

I must say, this guy needs a beer, or at least one of those "please join us in reality" pills

A Durham preacher who voiced criticism of the handling of the Duke lacrosse investigation from the beginning now says the system failed and the truth might never be known.

One year ago, a group gathered for prayer and called for justice outside of the house where exotic dancer Crystal Mangum claimed she was sexually assaulted by three Duke lacrosse players. That was one of numerous protests and vigils that took place on or around the Duke University campus after the case broke in March of 2006.

"One of the main reasons why we held a rally (was) because there was no due process,” said Bishop John Bennett, who led several vigils.

Yes, there was no due process. Of course, he means no due process for the lying accuser, not the players who were tarred and feathered by an out of control prosecutor with no hint of any notion of Consitutional protections.

A year later, Bennett said he's still not sure what to believe.

“I do believe that something out of the ordinary did happen in that house,” he said. “I'm not saying it was rape. I'm not necessarily saying it was them.”

He can believe all he wants, but, if he keeps it up, he could find himself on the wrong end of a slander suit.

What happened out of the ordinary was that two strippers showed up at a house and bored a large group of college age boys out of their skulls. One of them was drunk, and an unwed mother of several children, who were staying wherever while mom went to earn some money stripping. Is that ordinary?

According to NC AG Roy Cooper, Crystal Mangum continuously was changing her story. WRAL, a CBS affiliate, has video from Sunday’s 60 Minutes, which includes

Cooper told Stahl that his investigators were shocked by the situation.

“A number of them said to me, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this,’ he said. “It was amazing how she could continue to tell different stories.”

Crystal doesn’t even know what happened, yet Bennett thinks something bad did? Perhaps he should start protesting her.

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