Another “Assassinate The Pres” Play

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New York ( – It may only be a 15-minute play that is part of a series of one-act performances, but one off-Broadway show is gaining a lot of attention in New York City's Theatre District: It depicts the assassination of the president of the United States.

The play "President and Man" will be shown for five days starting this week as part of a production called "Armed and Naked in America," performed by the Naked Angels Theater Company. Manhattan's Duke Theater on 42nd Street calls the series of one-act plays "blistering, provocative takes on the current state of American politics and culture."

Same old same old. The reality based community, those compassionate progressives, the politically correct crowd, and this is what we get. Again. And again and again.

"Plays and movies about killing a sitting president, no matter what their politics, is stepping over the line," said Steve Malzberg, an award-winning conservative talk show host.

"This is systematic of how the left deals with issues," he said. "When Bill Clinton was president, there was never talk or movies or plays about assassinating him by those who did not believe in his policies."

"I also blame the right for not speaking out," Malzberg said. "This play emulates the killing of a president, which tarnishes the office and is wrong and should not be tolerated. If there were [more media reports on the play], I also believe the average person would be against this."

He is right on all counts. Not enough conservatives speak out about these kinds of issues outside of the blogosphere. Where are the national GOP and Conservative leaders when this garbage goes on? It's a constant complaint from those in the right-o-sphere that, other then conservative pundits, none of the national figures say boo about this kind of behavior by the reality based community.

"I can understand if you were some right-wing wacko or Bush fan that you might not like 'President and Man,'" said Cheryl Seibert of Manhattan. "In this performance, the president faces crisis of judgment, which describes the wars we are fighting. It was tastefully done and very well performed. It's theatre."

Maybe some talented Conservative could write a play which portrays a fictional female House leader being assassinated for meeting with terrorist leaders around the world, and we would see how ballistic (gun related words are probably not the best for the Left) the progressives would go.

I considered doing some sort of photoshop, but, gee, I would probably get a visit from the Secret Service. Also, it would be plain wrong. Assassination of American's is not chic.

[gv data=”imnquAqzQZ8″][/gv]

From CBS

But, back to the last excerpt: notice who, in typical leftist fashion, Ms. Seibert attempts to make the play mainstream with her "right wing wacko or Bush fan" talk. Not that I am surprised. To the Left, if you do not support abortion on demand, including late term and transporting juveniles across state lines sans parental notification, complete restriction of 2nd Amendment Rights, mass petitions, taxation beyond belief, and assassination chic, you just aren't mainstream

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2 Responses to “Another “Assassinate The Pres” Play”

  1. John Ryan says:

    well I think you could write a play like that but market forces would probably show that the play about the President would have far higher attendance. President Bush has been the most unpopular president since Nixon.

  2. 123beta says:

    Tax-Time Open Weekend Trackbacks…

    Just days left to find some last minute deductions……

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