A Liberal’s Welcome To DUmmie World

It's hard to believe, folks, but there are actually rational DUmmies out there. They tend to stay away from the loonier posts at the DU, and chat amongst themselves. One DUmmie, LOZoccolo, thought he could actually have a legit, adult, factual, non-BDS discussion. Silly DUmmie.

It would probably be better if PJ over at DUMMIE FUNNIES, but this is just too funny to wait.

To start out, we get the story about Chavez basically being made Venezuala's dictator

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela's Congress on Wednesday granted President Hugo Chavez powers to rule by decree for 18 months as he tries to force through nationalizations key to his self-styled leftist revolution.

The vote allows anti-U.S. leader Chavez, who has been in power since 1999, to deepen state control of the economy and other sectors of public life such as defense and security.

Afternoon headlines in the anti-Chavez press were scathing. Tal Cual splashed with "Heil Hugo" and equated the enabling law with powers granted to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. El Mundo had the headline "Superchavez enabled."

So, LoZoccolo writes

People are going to use the fact that this article says "anti-US"....to ignore the fact that Chavez is now a dictator. A dictator, look at that folks!

He was looking for honest, adult conversation. I wonder how this will play out?

  • niyad  no, the phrase makes the article suspect, as so many articles about chavez in this country have been suspect, given the hatred that the bush regime feels for this man.  are we going to invade another country because there is a dictator? let us not forget that we have a fool who thinks he is a dictator currently destroying THIS country. let's worry about HIM.
  • LoZoccolo I don't care what the Bush* regime feels about this guy. I care about what I feel about this guy. And I feel he is a dictator. What, are you saying that they didn't just give him powers of decree? What exactly are you holding suspect?
  • niyad frankly, I am a whole lot more worried about our own dictator, herr bush and company, than I am a LEGALLY-ELECTED president of another country, who isn't bothering us, and just happens not to like our questionably-elected ruler (as in "god chooses our rulers") very much. surely that simple fact isn't too hard to grasp?
  • LoZoccolo This thread is about Chavez, not Bush* (second time). If you want to talk about Bush*, you can do it in another thread. This one is not about Bush*, it is about Chavez.
  • niyad I can talk about whomever I want. the fact that he was referred to as "anti-US" makes any comment about bush a perfectly acceptable part of the discussion. the fact that you don't like the comments about bush is fairly irrelevant, particularly as you are not the OP.
  • LoZoccolo I don't like the comments about Bush* because: 1. They are a distraction from this discussion of what Chavez is doing. 2. Nothing Bush* does can make what Chavez does alright. Doesn't matter though; you really shouldn't have said this thing about me. You really really shouldn't. I'll give you a chance to apologize though, but you have to do it in the next reply.
  • niyad just for the record, LZ, NOTHING that chavez does, by YOUR logic, makes anything BUSH does alright, or had you not noticed that tiny little fact. once again, you are NOT the OP, and there is no rule that says one cannot speak about OUR dictator in reference to a person YOU called a dictator, whom OUR dictator happens not to like.
  • LoZoccolo Right. Nothing that Chavez does makes anything Bush* does alright. They are two separate people. Can we talk about Chavez now?
  • mikelgb I said the same thing when congress passed the PATRIOT Act A dictator, look at that folks! some still ignore the fact that BUSH is a dicktater
  • LoZoccolo This thread is not about Bush*, it is about Chavez. n/t

Surprisingly, LoZoccolo was neither accused of being a "freeper" nor tombstoned, ie, having his account shut down permanently.

You know, I get on a political forum which has lots of hard core loony libs, and it has always been difficult to have an adult, factual, non-slurring, on topic conversation with them. Looks like they cannot even have one on their own.

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