Rented Goalie Kerry At It Again, But Don’t Call Him Un-Patriotic

Former rented Democrat goalie John Kerry is once again taking shots at the United States while in Davos

Senator John Kerry is taking aim at the Bush administration's foreign policy, saying it's caused the US to become "a sort of international pariah." At a forum in Switzerland, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee says the Bush administration has failed to adequately address a number of foreign policy issues, including AIDS in Africa and global warming. He says a US failure to live up to its own rhetoric and standards sends "a terrible message of duplicity and hypocrisy." Kerry says, as a result, the US faces a "crisis of confidence" throughout the world. Kerry says the government should be using diplomacy to improve national security. He also criticizes what he says is the "unfortunate habit" of Americans to see the world "exclusively through an American lens."

First off, the President of the United States is tasked with protecting the USA, not worrying about what other countries think of us, nor getting their permission to take action deemed in our national interest. Besides, hating the USA has been an international game ever since we save the worlds collective ass multiple times in the 20th century.

Second, why in the hell would we see the world through any other lens? I'm an American. That is the only lens that matters, unlike Kerry and his fellow internationalist liberal friends, who care little for the what Americans actually think or want. If they do not like it here, they should just leave, and let America be for Americans. Hell, the illegal immigrants who come here seem to like and love America better then the Leftists.

Third, Kerry was slamming the USA for not joining Kyoto, despite the Senate, of which he was part of, voting 95-0 against joining Kyoto, during the late Clinton years. Bill Clinton thought it would be bad for the USA to join Kyoto. The USA has never joined, to rebutt the liberal talking point that Bush pulled us out. And, guess what? The USA has actually done a better job of decreasing our CO2 output then most Kyoto member nations. We have decrease our output by 13% since 2000, while most Kyoto signaturies are at 8-10%, and most are failing to live up to their Kyoto obligations. Funny how that works.

Finally, this is just another case of the old political saw regarding leaving disputes at the waters edge. With the Defeatocrats, anything goes nowadays, including constant critisism of your won country. What is worse, Kerry is a long time sitting Senator. One would expect better. Expectations are rarely achieved when Democrats are involved. Surrendy makes a rare non Friday appearence.

Allahpundit has quite a bit over at Hot Air. Keep an eye on the post, as he states he will have the video of Senator Global Test shortly.

Captain's Quarters (which still needs more pirate stuff ;)) see the idiocy of Kerry on global warming as caused by Man

Once again, we have the spectre of Kyoto haunting the Bush administration, when it was the Clinton administration that refused to submit the treaty to the Senate — and the Senate that unanimously passed a resolution saying they'd never ratify it. The Byrd-Hagel Resolution in 1997 made it clear that the US would not allow itself to be bound by the treaty as long as it exempted India, China, and other developing nations. That's the same position as the Bush Administration has taken — and the same position that John Kerry himself took in 1997 when he voted in favor of the Byrd-Hagel Resolution.

Ed has much more. Always worth the read.

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6 Responses to “Rented Goalie Kerry At It Again, But Don’t Call Him Un-Patriotic”

  1. beth says:


  2. beth says:

    Do you think maybe everybody just misunderstood? Maybe he left a word out or something and it’s a botched joke.

  3. Goalies, active and retired, demand a retraction.

    That loser is a piece of swiss, and we take umbrage, UMBRAGE!, being associate with that skell.

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    Open Trackback Weekend #39…

    It’s time once again for the open trackback party. Just leave a post and I’ll be sure to send a tb ping your way….

  6. Beth, I’m sure that he and the leftazoids will start the joke stuff soon. Of course, they all really agree with Kerry.

    TC, you’re right, I should have stuck with the “rented presidential candidate” phrase. 😉

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