March For Life: You People Are Nuts

Did you know that? If you are "anti-abortion," also known by the Lefties as "anti-choice," and, in my world, "pro-life," you are considered a nut

Demnan: The abortion nuts are having their march today in Washington It's an anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. There's three inches of snow in Washington this morning which of course means total chaos. God must love his abortion idiots to test them with such nice weather for their march.

Demnan wasn't talking about those who support abortion, as you can guess.

You have to love how the media puts it

Opponents of abortion rights have organized a huge march and rally for this afternoon. More than 100-thousand people are expected to march down Constitution Avenue from the National Mall to the Supreme Court to call attention to the issue.

"Opponents of abortion rights." Very negative, eh? Makes those who are pro-life sound like really bad people.

Apparently, though, going back to DUmmie Land, Righties aren't allowed to protest

Makes me wonder how all these people, these "hard-working American majority", are able to get off work (with pay, of course) and not lose their jobs? And afford to travel to Washington D.C.?

Remember, they claim that they are the ones doing the work … righties … so why are they off their jobs? At least the lefties are staging their protests on days that aren't during the normal work week …

Funny stuff. Dems protest any day of the week.

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2 Responses to “March For Life: You People Are Nuts”

  1. Ogre says:

    Dems just don’t protest before noon because they haven’t gotten out of bed yet.

  2. Yeah, but I’m sure they are protesting or filling out petitions during REM 🙂

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